Distilleries in Calgary

Mixologist pouring alcohol at Bridgeland Distillery
Mixologist pouring alcohol at Bridgeland Distillery
Craft Cocktails in Calgary

Distilleries in Calgary

Taste local spirits from the best distilleries in Calgary

Alberta is rich with fresh glacier water and vast fields of grain, giving Calgary-based distilleries a delicious advantage when it comes to making farm-to-glass craft spirits. Calgary’s local craft distilleries range from upstarts like Confluence Distilling and Burwood Distillery that push boundaries when it comes to flavour and experimentation to award-winners like Eau Claire Distillery, constantly striving to create that perfect dram of whisky. Stop by these tasting rooms for a drink or to stock up your liquor cabinet — with so much to taste and explore, whether you’re a serious enthusiast or new to the world of craft beverages, you’re bound to find a spirit or cocktail that will suit your taste.

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Burwood Distillery

Located in a historic building that was once part of Currie Barracks, Burwood Distillery is co-owned and operated by two brothers looking to share the craft spirit traditions that they grew up with in Eastern Europe and an experienced master distiller with a background in microbiology. As a result, Burwood pushes the boundaries with its limited-edition whisky releases, seasonal flavoured gins, ready-to-drink cocktails and unique offerings like medica and honey eau de vie, made with honey from the distillery's own hives. Burwood also shares the cool casual Veranda restaurant with its co-tenant Vaycay Brewing Brew Co., which utilizes products from both businesses. 

Location: 2566 Flanders Ave SW


Bridgeland Distillery

Named after a historic neighbourhood on the north banks of the Bow River, Bridgeland Distillery is a bold business that specializes in brandy and grappa-like wine-based spirits and whiskies, including a “berbon” made with Alberta Taber corn blended with barley and wheat grown in nearby Penhold. As their whiskies mature, Bridgeland is also offering some fun tipples to tide fans over, including its surprisingly refreshing limoncello and an Amaro originally commissioned by the legendary Spolumbo’s deli. See it all firsthand with a tour of the inner-city distillery, which also serves as an events space.

Location: 77 Edmonton Trail


Confluence Distilling

Confluenc Distilling came together as a passion project for some friends who love the combination of cocktails and community. Visit the distillery’s hip little tasting room to get a taste for the label’s laidback artisanal vibe, as well as its much beloved vodkas and gins. The signature Manchester gin (named after the neighbourhood the distillery lives in) and Headwater vodka make for the perfect base for a cocktail. Confluence also has some fun with products like its herbal Vinland aquavit and a selection of canned cocktails, including, in the true spirit of inclusivity, a non-alcoholic gin and tonic.

Location: 507 36 Ave SE


Last Best Brewing and Distilling

Calgarians most likely know Last Best Brewing and Distilling as one of the city’s best brew pubs, but in addition to its very solid line of beers, the company quietly makes some fantastic spirits. After some experimentation with different gin formulas, Last Best now offers up three different gins with very distinctive tasting notes. Pop into the bustling Beltline pub for some drinks and tasty food and grab a few cans of ready-to-drink cocktails to go — each one is designed to make the most of the gins’ intrinsic flavours.

Location: 607 11 Ave SW

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two ladies taste spirits at the bar of Burwood Distillery

Visit Burwood Distillery and Vaycay Brewing under one roof at Veranda (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Erik McRitchie)

overhead view of a group looking spirit ingredients during a tour at Bridgeland Distillery

Learn about the Brandy, Whisky, and Grappa making processes on a Bridgeland Distillery tour (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Erik McRitchie)


Eau Claire Distillery

Launching in 2014 after Alberta tweaked its liquor regulations to allow for small-batch spirits, this award-winning business bills itself as the province’s first craft distillery. Located in the town of Diamond Valley just a half hour from Calgary, Eau Claire Distillery pioneered the local grain-to-glass movement with a strong lineup of spirits that reflect the taste of Alberta’s terroir. Master Distiller Caitlin Quinn uses locally grown barley to create premium gins, vodkas, and whiskies (including a much-coveted single malt) as well as quirky blends like the prickly pear “EquinOx” vodka and a series of thirst-quenching canned cocktails. After a picturesque country drive out to the Western-themed distillery site, indulge the Prohibition Experience spirit tasting or enjoy some cocktails and bites in the Speakeasy bar next to the distillery.

Location: 113 Sunset Blvd SW, Turner Valley


Romero Distilling Co.

It’s rare to find rum distilleries in these parts since sugar cane isn’t grown in Alberta (or anywhere in Canada), but Romero Distilling Co. keeps its local flair by tying its luxury rum to the story of Alberta’s Prohibition-era rum runners. Hear the story of bootlegger Emilio Picariello on a tour of the distillery, complete with archival photos and dramatic flourishes. The rum here, made with Canadian molasses, is rich and perfect for sipping neat, but you’d be missing out of you skipped out on one of the tasting room’s expertly prepared cocktails, made with local ingredients and designed to pay homage to Emilio and his crew.

Location: 688 Heritage Dr SE Unit 300


Skunkworks Distillery

While whisky is the gold standard for many craft distilleries, Skunkworks Distillery takes a different approach, focusing on what it calls “the smoothest moonshine on any known planet.” Take a sip and you won’t believe that this premium moonshine is made from sugar beets, grown in Taber, Alberta. The Manchester tasting room is also a cool place to hang out in, with an eclectic vibe and an onsite music studio. More importantly, you’ll have a chance to truly appreciate an often-misunderstood spirit by sampling Skunkworks’ flagship moonshine, either straight-up or in flavours like orange, hibiscus, or lime.

Location: 4009 4 St SE


Starr Distilling

Starr Distilling rebranded itself as a new distillery the spring of 2022, but its signature Love Summer vodkas have been on the market since 2016. Available in flavours like peach and raspberry, the eye-catching bottles have long been local favourites and are perfect in a fresh and fruity cocktail or as a flavour enhancer for sparkling wine. Try them out for yourself at Starr’s luxe tasting room, alongside the distillery’s menu of upscale comfort food. 

Location: 4127 6 St NE #15


Two Rivers Distillery

Inspired by the pristine waters of the Bow and Elbow rivers, Two Rivers Distillery is all about clean and clear vodkas and gins, with some whimsical flavours thrown in to keep things interesting. Step into the tasting room and you’ll find European-themed décor, but the spirits are pure Alberta, taking advantage of the province’s bounty of barley. The signature 1875 Vodka named after the year Calgary was founded is a must, but you’ll also want to try the hibiscus flavoured Cockscomb gin and Spirit of the Gardener hybrid spirit made in collaboration with Calgary’s Village Brewery. Oddball flavours like jalapeno dill pickle vodka are best enjoyed in a cocktail and the tasting room has a long list of concoctions to deliver the full Two Rivers experience.

Location: 453 42 Ave SE

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Mixologist smoking a cocktail at Eau Claire Distillery Speakeasy

Visit the speakeasy next door to Eau Claire Distillery to sample the spirits in an elevated cocktail (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Katie Goldie)

a group sits at the bar socializing in the tasting room at Two Rivers Distillery

Try unique flavours like Dill Pickle Vodka or Rhubarb Gin at Two Rivers Distillery

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