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Central Library Calgary
Central Library Calgary

Booking Assistance

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Our team will work closely with you on all elements to make your event a success.


A wide-range of services

Locate meeting rooms, exhibition halls and hotel rooms to meet your needs Read More
Coordinate your RFP with hotels, venues, DMCs and PCOs Read More
Create a personalized presentation of all our services, events and attractions Read More
Produce bid documents Read More
Provide recommendations on rate negotiations and site availability Read More
Assist in finding and securing financial support Read More
Identify local leaders and setting up a local organizing committee Read More
Create customized promotional tools for your event Read More
Assist with logistical support and organizing pre and post programs Read More

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure you get great value while attracting plenty of attendees

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First things first - here’s what you need to know before booking an event in Calgary.

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Whether you or your attendees are coming to Calgary from outside of Canada, ensure the process is seamless. 

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