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Driven by research, Tourism Calgary's marketing efforts are focused on increasing the likelihood that travellers will visit Calgary within two years, and on increasing overall incremental spend. By leveraging nimble, bold and creative marketing techniques and strategies, we position Calgary as a "must see" now destination and entice travellers who have expressed an interest in visiting to actually book their trip to Calgary.

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That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit wordmark


To support our industry partners' reopening efforts and help drive customers through your door, Tourism Calgary has developed a comprehensive recovery marketing plan and associated creative platform. That's the Spirit is a creative platform for Tourism Calgary's recovery marketing plan, which features local and regional marketing initiatives that are intended to:

  • Drive more business for industry partners;
  • Share timely, trustworthy information about our city's offerings;
  • Boost community spirit and civic pride;
  • Build trust and encourage safe exploration among locals and visitors; and
  • Create alignment among industry partners and stakeholders.

That's the Spirit celebrates Calgary's resiliency, community spirit and the unique experiences our city has to offer - whether these are shared in-person, virtually, or through a combination of both. We've shown the world time and again how we come together and rise above circumstances to support one another and this great city. This time is no different as Calgary businesses go above and beyond to provide their guests with safe, memorable experiences and promote consumer confidence. This perseverance truly showcases Calgary's undeniable sense of community and passion for all we have to offer - that's the spirit of Calgary.

Designed to be fluid, That's the Spirit can start and stop as needed and move to appropriate markets when the time is right. To begin, marketing efforts will focus on getting Calgarians to explore their city again and share their experiences with others. Then, the focus will shift to asking locals to invite their friends and relatives to visit Calgary. When the time is right, Tourism Calgary will begin marketing to the eight-hour drive market once again to establish Calgary as a destination of choice this summer. 

Initial campaign efforts include featuring That's the Spirit messaging across on and Tourism Calgary's social channels as well as paid marketing videos and promotions. The campaign will run into Fall 2020, with continuous evaluations along the way to ensure we remain empathetic to the evolving situation and to travellers' needs.

Looking to get involved? That's the spirit! Industry partners are invited to contribute to the platform by:

  • Let us know what health and safety practices your business has adopted;
  • Have a 'local tip' that can help build traveller confidence and inspire safe exploration of our city? Let us know!
  • Share any images or b-roll you have that showcases how you've adapted to meet safety measures. This could include assets that feature staff wearing masks, social distancing or customers enjoying a more 'exclusive' experience.

Tourism Calgary is excited to partner with fellow tourism organizations to lift the That's the Spirit campaign and generate traveller visitation and spend for Calgary. Featuring key messages, photo overlays, video links, drafted social posts and more, the That's the Spirit marketing toolkit is designed to help align your marketing efforts with the campaign and help support the recovery of Calgary's tourism economy. 

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The #LoveYYC initiative celebrates everything that makes Calgary great. Over the last few years, the campaign has achieved success as a result of overwhelming support from Calgary's tourism and a collective eagerness to to engage Calgarians in shareable, memorable experiences. Each year, Calgarians have increasingly embraced the opportunity to experience something new and showcase their community spirit by supporting local partners and businesses.

Now a year-round campaign, this initiative is designed to educate, engage and impact Calgarians, with the intention of encouraging them to actively invite friends and family to experience Calgary.

Participate in #LoveYYC Month 2020

Over the past four years, we've come to know #LoveYYC as a single-day celebration where our remarkable city comes together to foster civic pride and share stories about the people, places and experiences that make Calgary so unique. This year, the celebration will span the full month of November and will feature unique neighbourhood stories, compelling deals, contests with locally-sourced prizes and more intended to support current health and safety measures, while safely inspiring the swell of community spirit that's associated with #LoveYYC.

Looking to get involved in #LoveYYC 2020? That's the spirit! Access the #LoveYYC partner toolkit today for full participation details.

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#LoveYYC Assets

Calgary Skyline

#LoveYYC Red Heart

Red heart print out for use in photos.

Peace Bridge

#LoveYYC Facebook Assets

Update your Facebook cover photos with these pre-sized #LoveYYC assets.


#LoveYYC Twitter Assets

Update your Twitter header photos with these pre-sized #LoveYYC assets.

Stephen ave

#LoveYYC Logos

All versions of the #LoveYYC logos to use in your promotion of #LoveYYC day.

LoveYYC Peace Bridge

#LoveYYC Digital Signage Assets

Update your digital signage for #LoveYYC. Choose from three, pre-formatted, 1080x1920 and 1920x1080 displays.