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Driven by research, Tourism Calgary's local, national and international marketing efforts are focused on increasing the likelihood that travellers will visit Calgary within two years, and on increasing overall incremental spend. By leveraging nimble, bold and creative marketing techniques and strategies, we position Calgary as a "must see" now destination and entice regional and long-haul travellers who have expressed an interest in visiting to actually book their trip to Calgary.

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Things To Do

The Things to Do Co-op Campaign is a targeted, customized and cost-effective program that helps you expand your marketing reach. This campaign has achieved impressive results thanks to strong support from Tourism Calgary partners, having sold out for two consecutive years and seen record partner participation and investment last year. This year, we are eager to present the new tiered structure and to invite you to participate in this sought-after campaign.

Focusing on promoting compelling, unique large-scale events and highlighting the breadth of activities our city has to offer. The program pairs experiences with limited time events and offers, serving up relevant and timely content to compel visitors to consider Calgary. Partner specific offers or content stories will be served up to consumers to provide a compelling reason for visitors to travel to Calgary and tip the scale of consideration in our favor. 

With these strategic objectives at its core, the Things to Do Co-op campaign is being developed specifically to build vibrancy awareness and create urgency to visit Calgary. The program will continue to be a full-year 365-day campaign in order to provide full year coverage and increase visitation and spend. The primary goal of the campaign is to drive visitation by positioning Calgary as a “must see” now destination for a getaway.

Partners of Tourism Calgary are invited to join this campaign through individual investments at varied tiers of investment and marketing levels. All partner investments in the Things To Do campaign are matched dollar for dollar through Travel Alberta funding, which essentially doubles your campaign investment.

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Things to Do Resources

Shoe and Canoe

Things to Do Campaign Flatsheet

Highlights of campaign participation and the four partner opt-in waves.

Calgary Skyline

Things to Do Program Presentation

Full program presentation deck. 

St Patrick's Island

Partner Opt-In 10k+

Partner Opt-In form for 10k+ investments.

Calgary Skyline

Partner Opt-In 1-5k

Partner Opt-In form for 1-5k investments.

Participate in Things To Do

Every year, partners see significant value in participating in this program because their marketing investments - and essentially their campaign budgets - are doubled at each tier. Inclusion in the Monthly Guides & Curated Local Tips Content Guides is first come first served, with only four or five spots available per content piece.

To secure your partner placement for any of the upcoming waves, please fill out and submit your completed opt-in form. To secure your spot in wave one, ensure you submit your opt-in form by Feb. 28.

For questions surrounding the campaign, or to learn more about how your business can get involved, feel free to contact Raj Aggarwal who is happy to jump on a call to discuss this opportunity further and to answer any questions you may have.

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The #LoveYYC initiative celebrates everything that makes Calgary great. Over the last few years, the campaign has achieved success as a result of overwhelming support from Calgary's tourism and a collective eagerness to to engage Calgarians in shareable, memorable experiences. Each year, Calgarians have increasingly embraced the opportunity to experience something new and showcase their community spirit by supporting local partners and businesses.

Now a year-round campaign, this initiative is designed to educate, engage and impact Calgarians, with the intention of encouraging them to actively invite friends and family to experience Calgary.

Participate in #LoveYYC Day

Returning on Saturday, November 2, 2019, #LoveYYC Day encourages Calgarians to get out and experience their city by trying something new, or by visiting an old favourite. This day would not be possible without the support of Tourism Calgary's valued partners. As such, we encourage partners to get involved by developing a one-day offer that showcases their business and inspires Calgarians to experience the diverse range of products and offerings available in Calgary. 

The deadline to submit an offer for #LoveYYC Day is Friday, October 18, 2019. 

Get your red heart balloons

The red heart and heart shaped balloons have become a symbol of the #LoveYYC initiative and are actively used in the promotion of this campaign by Tourism Calgary and its partners.

Join the conversation on social media

The success of #LoveYYC relies on the support of all Calgarians. The more people sharing the love online and face-to-face, the bigger and better #LoveYYC Day will be!

Here are some great ways to participate in #LoveYYC:

  • Create a one day offer that inspires Calgarians to try your products or experiences for the first time. The deadline to submit an offer for #LoveYYC Day is Friday, October 18, 2019;
  • Engage on social media by sharing #LoveYYC content and using the #LoveYYC hashtag;
  • Create your own #LoveYYC content using the downloadable, open source assets below;
  • Take a red heart balloon photo, or use the cutout download below and create your #LoveYYC assets;
  • Educate your community by encouraging members, partners, friends and family to participate in #LoveYYC Day.
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#LoveYYC Assets and More Information

Kensington YYC


Frequently Asked questions about #LoveYYC Day.

Calgary Skyline

#LoveYYC Red Heart

Red heart print out for use in photos.

Peace Bridge

#LoveYYC Facebook Assets

Update your Facebook cover photos with these pre-sized #LoveYYC assets.


#LoveYYC Twitter Assets

Update your Twitter header photos with these pre-sized #LoveYYC assets.

Stephen ave

#LoveYYC Logos

All versions of the #LoveYYC logos to use in your promotion of #LoveYYC day.

Wonderland LoveYYC balloon

#LoveYYC Digital Signage Assets

Update your digital signage for #LoveYYC Day. Choose from 3, pre-formatted, 1080x1920 and 1920x1080 displays.


LoveYYC Balloon

#LoveYYC Red Heart Balloons

Tourism Calgary has allocated a maximum of 20 free red heart balloons for every partner. If you’re interested in purchasing more red heart balloons, you can order directly through Balloons Canada Ltd.

How to get Involved