About Calgary

Centre Street Bridge Calgary
Centre Street Bridge Calgary

About Calgary

A City Like No Other

Calgary is a dynamic city. It’s picturesque prairie landscapes and a vibrant urban centre. It’s entrepreneurial energy and living in the moment. It’s cowboy spirit, but also refined and cosmopolitan. It’s no wonder Calgary was named the most liveable city in North America by The Economist two years in a row!

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People & Culture

Calgarians Love Visitors

So much so that we’ve been making special visitors honorary Calgarians with our White Hat ceremony for 70 years. Today, the white Smithbilt cowboy hat is an internationally recognized symbol of Calgary and our Western hospitality. Incorporate a White Hat ceremony into your event for a unique experience that delights delegates!

Calgarians Love the Outdoors

The weather in Calgary is part of the appeal, thanks to Chinook winds that can warm a winter day by 15°C (27°F). Our summer days can near 30°C (86°F), and our northern latitude means Calgary summer days are longer. On peak summer days, we enjoy daylight until 10pm — perfect for a round of golf or lounging on a patio after a day of meetings. Calgary is also Canada’s sunniest major city, allowing visitors to take advantage of the longest urban pathway system in North America (nearly 1,000 kms of paved paths).

Calgarians Work Hard & Play Hard

Calgary is both business and pleasure. Honestly. Calgary boasts one of the youngest, best educated workforces in Canada, with seven post-secondary institutions. Couple that with our numerous live music venues, countless corporate parties during the Calgary Stampede, or the exploding micro-brewery and culinary scene, and it’s clear that Calgarians know how to throw a dash of fun into even the busiest day.

Calgarians Are Diverse

Certainly, Calgary has a cowboy spirit, but it’s also cosmopolitan. It’s diverse – Calgary is ranked third in proportion of visible minorities in Canada. The sparkling skyline reaches out of the foothills just as Calgary reaches out to the world. From international flavours (Calgary has one of the largest Chinatowns in Canada) to international headquarters, the city welcomes the world.


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Located in Western Canada in the province of Alberta, Calgary is a major transportation and business hub. We are nestled in the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, offering visitors alternating views of rugged mountain peaks and golden, rolling prairies.

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Calgary’s entrepreneurial energy is why we host the highest head office and small business concentration per capita in Canada. Get to know our industry strengths and how you can leverage Calgary’s expertise and experience.

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Calgary is a city full of remarkable experiences and Calgarians are always eager to share their favorite places to explore. Get the inside scoop on the city’s best restaurants, attractions, events and people.

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Calgary venues and hotels have been recognized for their environmental leadership, and the city itself has been named a global leader on environmental action and transparency. In short, Calgary helps you achieve an eco-sensitive event.

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