Calgary Breweries

Couple enjoying pints of beer outside at 33 Acres Brewing Co in Calgary's beltline
Couple enjoying pints of beer outside at 33 Acres Brewing Co in Calgary's beltline
Brewery Districts

Calgary Breweries

Find the best spots to enjoy craft beer in Calgary

With more than 40 breweries and counting, Calgary has exploded into a craft beer hotspot. Brewers in Calgary are experimental and willing to take risks and their taprooms are welcoming community hubs. Most of Calgary's breweries are in concentrated pockets around the city, making them perfect for brewery-hopping.

For a truly unique taste of Calgary, go explore its brewery districts.

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One of Calgary’s most prolific brewery clusters has grown in an industrial area just south of downtown, with six breweries producing an astonishing number of award-winning brews, all within walking distance. Expect everything from IPAs and craft lagers to fruity and funky barrel-aged offerings.These breweries are also known for the vast amount of seasonal and one-off beers being produced, meaning no two visits are the same. 

Best Way to Get Around: Bike or walk.

Local Tip: When hunger hits, Annex Ale Project has a Lil Empire Burger popup serving fine casual burgers and sides.

Breweries (& Cideries!) in Manchester:

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Brewery Flats

Located in the historic neighbourhood of Inglewood, the area known as Brewery Flats was once home to Calgary’s first brewery (Calgary Malting and Brewing, est. 1892). That brewery is now long gone, but the area has undergone a craft brewery renaissance. The sleek and modern High Line Brewing on Inglewood’s main street is a 20-minute walk away from 80s-themed Eighty-Eight Brewing, with another four breweries to visit in between.

Best Way to Get Around: Bike, walk, or Pedal Pub.

Local Tip: End your day at Cold Garden Beverage Company or Ol’ Beautiful Brewing, which have adjoining patios and taprooms that are bustling late into the evening.

Breweries in Brewery Flats:

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friends on the Cabin Brewing patio during winter

Enjoy a winter patio beer at Cabin Brewing (photo credit: Colin Way)

friends cheers pints of beer at Cold Garden

Cold Garden's taproom is fun & eclectic (photo credit: Colin Way)


Beltline & Sunalta

The south side of downtown is known as the Beltline. It's home to eight breweries nestled amongst dozens of bars and restaurants. From fresh beer, barbecue, and big screens at the immaculate Trolley5 Brewpub, to exquisite hazy IPAs and Acme Pizza at Tailgunner Brewing’s taproom, it’s impossible to go hungry or thirsty in the Beltline.

Best Way to Get Around: Walk or Pedal Pub.

Local Tip: Between Tailgunner Brewing and Two House Brewing in Sunalta is the Alberta Beer Exchange, a craft beer-focused liquor store that specializes in seasonal and rarities from the province’s small breweries.

Breweries in the Beltline & Sunalta:

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Five breweries in the south offer five completely different visitor experiences and they’re all just a quick C-Train ride from downtown on the Red Line. From communal tables, mouth-watering barbecue, and shuffleboard at Prairie Dog, to death metal and off-the-wall brews at New Level Brewing, there’s enough variety and beer to keep anyone busy all afternoon. 

Best Way to Get Around: C-Train or bike.

Local Tip: It’s a quick ride from Bow River Brewing to the Manchester breweries, so bring your bike on the C-Train and tackle two brewery districts in one day!

South-Central Breweries:

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Tailgunner Brewing

Pair any brew from Tailgunner Brewing with mouthwatering Acme Pizza

Group of friends drinking beer on the Trolley5 patio before a Calgary Flames Game

Grab a beer and a bite at Trolley5 before heading to a Calgary Flames game (photo credit: Colin Way)



As you head north across the Bow River the breweries become more spread out, but excellent beer awaits those who make the effort. The first one you’ll find is Calgary’s smallest production brewery, Two Pillars, which makes just 100 litres of beer at a time. Their focus is on stronger beers and subtly spiced European styles, paired with simple, but delicious bar snacks. Further north, you can’t miss Zero Issue Brewing, where comic book nerds and beer aficionados come together over a constantly rotating beer list. 

Best Way to Get Around: Bike or designated driver. Ask your driver to take you north past the airport to Railyard Brewing, a unique 50,000-square-foot taproom.

Local Tip: Citizen Brewing Company’s patio is kid-friendly and dog-friendly, so you can bring the whole family, whether they have two legs or four!

North-Central Breweries:

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Brewmuda Triangle

From downtown, take the Blue Line C-Train northeast to Marlborough Station where you can walk to two fun brew spots and a cidery. Tool Shed Brewing was the first brewery to be licensed under new provincial laws in 2013 and helped pave the way for smaller breweries to open. Check out the back seating area for a birds-eye view of the brewery and to play one of the many board and table games they have on offer. 

Best Way to Get Around: C-Train or walk.

Local Tip: Book a tour at Tool Shed Brewing Company to hear their full, inspiring story of opening against the odds.

Breweries (& Cideries!) in the Brewmuda Triangle:

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Zero Issue Brewing

Find comic-inspired brews at Zero Issue Brewing

Group on a craft beer tour at Tool Shed

Book a tour at Tool Shed, one of Calgary's original craft breweries (photo credit: Roth and Ramberg)


Marda Loop & Currie

One of Calgary’s most unique brewery taprooms is in an old Air Force hangar on Calgary’s former Currie Barracks military base. For over 25 years Wild Rose Brewing has served hearty meals and beer in a cozy room akin to a mess hall. Just down the street is a perfect example of Calgary collaborations with Vaycay Brew Co, Burwood Distillery, and Veranda all sharing a building. 

Best Way to Get Around: Bike or walk.

Local Tip: When going between breweries, be sure to stop and read the plaques that explain the history of the area, or even plan a visit to The Military Museums nearby.

Breweries in Marda Loop & Currie:

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Foothills Industrial Park

The Foothills Industrial Park is where the big breweries play! Take a tour of the sprawling Big Rock Brewery facility, Calgary’s original craft brewery, grab some lunch at Brewsters Brewing, and then round it out with a flight at Good Mood, Boiling Oar, or Last Spike. 

Best Way to Get Around: Rideshare or designated driver.

Local Tip: You can get authentic Texas-style BBQ while enjoying 18 rotating taps of Big Rock brews at Big Sky BBQ located instead the brewery.

Breweries in Foothills Industrial Park:

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beer flight at Marda Loop Brewing

Sip a beer flight on Marda Loop Brewing's dog and kid-friendly patio

Wilde Rose taproom

The Wild Rose taproom is inside an old Air Force hangar


Venturing outside of Calgary? The Alberta Ale Trail showcases Alberta's booming craft beer scene through curated itineraries for visitors with a love for adventure and a taste for craft beer. 

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Haydon Dewes

Edited by Tourism Calgary

Haydon Dewes is a Certified Cicerone, beer judge, beer writer and columnist whose home brewing hobby got well out of hand. He is co-founder at Calgary’s Cabin Brewing Company.