Destination Development

Kensington Calgary
Kensington Calgary

Destination Development

Cities that focus on destination development have diversified economies, a powerful network of connected and strategically aligned partners, collaboration with government and engaged citizen advocates. This translates to a robust visitor economy, pride of place for residents and a sought-after destination for travellers.

As champion of Calgary’s stakeholder-led and endorsed Destination Strategy, Tourism Calgary works with more than 800 partners and stakeholders to develop the destination for the benefit of visitors and Calgarians. As the primary advocate for Calgary’s tourism industry, Tourism Calgary evaluates opportunities that relate to the visitor economy through the lens of what’s needed to make Calgary the ultimate host city and lends its voice to issues of importance.

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Calgary Folk Fest

Calgary’s Destination Strategy

Championed by Tourism Calgary, this stakeholder-led and endorsed strategy outlines recommendations for making Calgary the ultimate host city. Learn how this long-term strategy and action plan is driving a sustainable visitor economy in Calgary

Rivers District Master Plan Calgary

Advocacy Positions

As the primary advocate for our industry, Tourism Calgary lends its voice to initiatives that will make a big difference for visitors and Calgarians. Learn about the advocacy positions Tourism Calgary has advanced in support of the tourism industry.


Experience & Product Development

In collaboration with industry partners, Tourism Calgary works to develop and market year-round, export-ready tourism experiences that support the visitor economy. Learn more about tourism product development, promotion and activation in Calgary.