Local Love: Calgary's Best Brand Collaborations

group of four at the bar of Eau Claire Distillery sampling farm to table spirits
group of four at the bar of Eau Claire Distillery sampling farm to table spirits
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Local Love: Calgary's Best Brand Collaborations

Where to find the most unique Calgary-based products

When Calgary brands come together, they produce amazing products. Every city offers local products, but in Calgary these are often unique collaborations between multiple businesses. It shows how supporting local is at the core of Calgary’s identity. Check out some of our favourite collaborations between Calgary brands.  

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Village Ice Cream 

Founder, Billy Friley, created an overnight ice cream sensation when he opened the first Village Ice Cream in Victoria Park in 2012. The rich and creamy, small batch ice cream has become beloved by locals and visitors alike. The five locations serve as inclusive community hubs throughout the year. 

Sweet Relief Pastries 

Sweet Relief Pastries is the delicious force behind the deluxe mint cookies in Village’s Guides Mint flavour. For more of their tasty baked goods you can visit the bakery which is also in Calgary’s Victoria Park neighbourhood.  

Phil & Sebastian Coffee 

Two engineers founded local coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian in 2007. They’ve been collaborating with other Calgary brands ever since. One of their most delicious collaborations is with Village on the Phil & Sebastian Coffee flavour. A very indulgent way to get your caffeine fix. 


Made by Marcus and Monogram 

Two wildly popular local brands came together to create the Monogram Espresso Toffee Pretzel ice cream flavour. Monogram founders - Jeremy Ho, Benjamin Put and Justin Eyford – and Marcus Purtzki have been passionate about bringing people together since launching their businesses in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Although both brands have expanded to multiple locations, you can still visit where it all started: 

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exterior of Made by Marcus and Lil Empire burgers in Bridgeland during summer

The Bridgeland Made by Marcus location is also home to Lil’ Empire burgers (Photo Credit: Kelly Mandeville)


Cochu Chocolatier 

Anne Sellmer, founder of Cochu, has spent plenty of time creating tantalizing flavours with other local businesses. The award-winning chocolatier sells six of these collaborative bonbon flavours which can be purchased at her East Village location, at a listed partner store, or online. 

Pie Junkie and Gemstone Grass Fed Beef 

The hand-made, rustic pies at Pie Junkie flood the senses with nostalgia of past Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. One of the tastiest creations from owners Nancy and Jo-Anne, is the Backyard BBQ Beef Hand Pie. For this flaky delight, they partnered with a fourth-generation family farm from Gem, AB called Gemstone Grass Fed Beef. The butchers from Gemstone can be seen in action through the cutting room window at the Calgary Farmer’s Market West. 


Eau Claire Distillery and Annex Ales 

Eau Claire Distillery combines traditional distilling methods and innovative thinking to produce amazing gin, vodka, and whisky. They are located in a series of 1920’s buildings in Turner Valley that previously housed speakeasies, a brothel, and an old-time bowling alley. Founder, David Farran, and Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn, are committed to sourcing local ingredients like Annex’s spicy ginger beer which can be found in the EquineOx Mule.  

You can find more of Annex’s delicious craft sodas at their Manchester taproom and on menus throughout the city. 

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exterior of Eau Clair Distillery during summer

Eau Claire Distillery (Photo Credit: Colin Way)

three people seated at the bar of Annex Ale's taproom as a worker pours craft beer

Annex Ale’s taproom is in the Manchester area (Photo Credit: Chris Amat)


Born Brewing Co and Lamb’s Soapworks 

Ever heard of locally crafted beer soap? Earl’s Ale Body Bar is the brainchild of Born Brewing Co and Lamb’s Soapworks. They took Born Brewing’s Earl Grey Pale Ale and turned it into a natural, hand-crafted soap. Order the soap and beer together and get the best of both brands. 


Milk Jar Candle Co 

Holly Singer, founder of Milk Jar, has put giving back at the heart of her business. Since starting Milk Jar in 2016, Holly has donated $1 from every product sold to non-profits and initiatives that support inclusion. The two collab candles below, along with all Milk Jar products, are made at their factory in Northeast Calgary. 

Local Laundry 

Like Milk Jar, Local Laundry’s co-founder, Connor Curran, is committed to supporting charities. Local Laundry has set the ambitious goal of donating $1 million to charity by 2030. These two socially conscious organizations came together to create a maple butter scented candle called Sweater Weather

Banff Ave Brewing 

The Lodge 1383 Cold IPA, which is brewed in Banff at 1383m elevation, has tropical and citrusy notes. Milk Jar partnered with Banff Ave Brewing to take these aromas and put them in the Lodge 1383 Collab candle.  

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