2024 Things to Do Co-op Marketing Campaign

Wave 2 Opt-In Form

Things to Do Opt In Form


Wave 2 is now open and accepting opt-ins for placements in July, August, and September

Wave 3 will open August 15, 2024, for placements in October, November, December.


Thank you for your interest in Tourism Calgary’s 2024 Things to Do Co-op Marketing Campaign! This form is your gateway to participating in our digitally led, effective, and targeted marketing campaign for Wave 2: July, August, and September 2024.

Please follow the instructions below to secure your placements for Wave 2:

1. Review the Placement Tracker to see which placements are currently available in Wave 2 and determine which placements you'd like to opt into
2. Complete the form below - please provide as much detail as possible
3. Once your form is submitted, Tourism Calgary will confirm your placement(s) and request assets via email

Important Information:

• Placements are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
• Tourism Calgary will confirm your placement upon receipt of your form
• You can opt-in to multiple months in a single wave to align with your marketing strategy
• Monthly placements must be confirmed by the 15th of the month before the campaign start date (example: June 15th for a July 1st campaign start date)
• Partner assets must be received two (2) weeks prior to the campaign start date to ensure placements go live on time

If you have questions about the 2024 Things to Do Co-op Marketing Campaign, please contact Meghan Chapman, Coordinator, Marketing at meghanc@tourismcalgary.com.


Content + Paid Distribution Placements

Paid distribution + organic posting on Tourism Calgary's Instagram

Partner will receive 2 final video files with full usage rights

Digital + Organic Content Distribution Placements

Posted on Tourism Calgary's Instagram. Includes 4-5 frames

Partner will receive final assets with full usage rights

What do you hope to achieve through your placements in Wave 2 of the Things to Do Co-op Marketing campaign? Generate sales, increase awareness, etc.
What would you like to feature, highlight, or promote through this campaign?
Are you able to provide a special offer or discount? If yes, please provide details.
Where would you like your campaign placements to link to?
Total the dollar amount of all placements selected above

Schedules and efficiencies are based on available inventory in each market at the time of booking. Costs shown are gross and include media and creative/production fees. GST not included. All creative will be produced in the style and format of the Tourism Calgary campaign. Payment administered only once a placement is complete. This ensures partners will only be billed for media that runs and removes the hassle of refunds. 

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