Pre & Post Event Getaways

Lake Louise
Lake Louise

Pre & Post Event Getaways

Beyond Calgary

Calgary’s location makes it the perfect basecamp for adventure, offering your attendees a range of opportunities for pre and post event travel. In fact, the province of Alberta is fortunate to have six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, four of them within easy driving distance of Calgary.

  • To the west are the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks, including Banff and Jasper National Parks. Go skiing or snowboarding at world-class resorts or take a relaxing hike to wind down after a busy conference.
  • To the east is Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Canadian Badlands. Explore the hoodoos, dig for fossils, and camp in comfort and style under the Northern Lights.
  • To the south, explore Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump – the best-preserved example of communal hunting techniques and the way of life of the aboriginal plains people in North America.
  • South east is Alberta’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, home to the largest collection of First Nation rock art in North America.
  • Further south, on the USA-Canada border, is Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, offering stunning scenery and unparalleled hiking opportunities.
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Lake Louise

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