Calgary White Hat Award Nomination Form

To ensure that your nomination is successfully submitted, please review the eligibility requirements for the 20 standard categories.




Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Years employed
How long has the nominee been employed with the organization? ​​​​​​6 months or less, the nominee does NOT meet minimum eligibility requirement.
Please ensure you read the category listing carefully as some may have recently changed.
What department does the nominee work within?
Owners, CEOs, Presidents, VP, Executive Directors, Directors, GMs are NOT eligible for nomination in ANY standard categories.
Has the nominee received any awards/recognition from the organization?
List up to 3 awards
Has the nominee ever been nominated or received a Calgary White Hat Award?
Has the nominee completed the free White Hat Academy online destination learning program, offered by Tourism Calgary?
Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to detail the actions or behaviours. 250 word maximum.