Your Guide to TELUS Spark Science Centre

exterior of TELUS Spark Science Centre
exterior of TELUS Spark Science Centre
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Your Guide to TELUS Spark Science Centre

Fall in love with science!

Ignite your curiosity with the wonders of science and technology at TELUS Spark, Calgary's science center! This must-visit Calgary attraction features engaging exhibits, a year-round outdoor park, and the immersive Infinity Dome Theatre. Here are our top things to do on a visit to TELUS Spark: 

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Explore the amazing exhibits 

Step into a world of discovery as you explore the diverse and accessible galleries at TELUS Spark. These are 3 of our favourites: 

  • The Creative Kids Museum is a wonderland for young explorers with water tables, building centres, and even a bubble piano. 
  • The massive Infinity Dome Theatre stretches 3 stories high and 21m (69 ft) across. It offers breathtaking 360-degree views of natural wonders through movies and live planetarium shows. 
  • Multiple Virtual Reality experiences are included with admission. Strap on an all-in-one wireless headset and explore a unique collection of family-friendly, educational, and multiplayer games.
  • Flint the robo-dog from Boston Dynamics has made TELUS Spark her forever home! See Flint on her walks through the building and for a show at the Inspiration Stage!
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group of friends experiencing science experiments at TELUS Spark

Experience something new with friends and family at TELUS Spark.

family of three playing with an electricity exhibit at TELUS Spark

Learn about how electricity works at TELUS Spark.


Unleash your inner scientist in the Open Studio 

Create a whirlwind in the tornado machine, digitally paint with light, and play around with circuit-boards. Visitors of all ages can unleash their inner scientist and learn through play and exploration in the Open Studio.


Experience spontaneous science experiments

Prepare to be wowed by science demonstrations at TELUS Spark. From fiery chemistry experiments to mind-bending physics demonstrations, it's a fantastic opportunity to witness the magic of science up close and personal.

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TELUS Spark employee holding an open flame in their palm

See live experiments up-close at TELUS Spark

young child admiring a science experiment at TELUS Spark

Let science inspire imagination for all ages at TELUS Spark.


Play at the Brainasium Outdoor Park 

The excitement continues outside at TELUS Spark's year-round park – the Brainasium. The Brainasium teaches kids (and kids at heart) about the principles of physics, sound, and motion in an exciting and engaging way. This dynamic space offers a unique blend of science and play, featuring:  

  • A thrilling human-sized hamster wheel
  • A giant musical instrument
  • Interactive sculptures
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three friends playing on structures outdoors at TELUS Spark

Balance and climb on one of the fun structures at TELUS Spark

family of three playing on TELUS Sparks outdoor park

Play outside at the Brainasium Outdoor Park. 


Change your learning lens with Indigenous Science 

Science is traditionally taught from a Western worldview, but there are many to learn about science. Indigenous Science learning at TELUS Spark unlocks a world where science is not only a subject in school, but a connection to our land, sky, and spirit. It is a journey that encourages open minds and open hearts, making science more relevant and relatable to everyone. 


Attend a special event or workshop 

TELUS Spark regularly hosts special events, workshops, and exhibitions that delve deeper into various scientific themes and topics. From themed adult-only events like “Spark After Dark” to hands-on workshops, there's always something new and exciting happening! Check the Telus Spark event calendar to plan your visit around an event or workshop. 

Fun fact: TELUS Spark is fully certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and is environmentally efficient in heating and cooling, has solar panels on the roof and surface parking lot, and uses grey water in toilets. 

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group of children running & playing in TELUS Sparks outdoor park

TELUS Spark is a paradise for active kids

group of kids playing at TELUS Spark

There's lots of interactive things to do at TELUS Spark