Vegetarian Restaurants

Dish at Ten Foot Henry
Dish at Ten Foot Henry
Plant-based cuisine

Vegetarian Restaurants

Where to find some of the best non-meat options in and around Calgary.

Avatara Pizza

Too often, vegetarians are stuck with boring all-cheese or green pepper-covered pizzas, but Avatara goes the extra mile to create tasty meatless pizzas. Many of the pizza creations (like the butter chicken sauce-laden Guru) automatically come without meat, with the option of adding meat for an additional charge. There are also vegan cheese options available for those wanting to go dairy-free.

Broken City

Best known as one of Calgary’s favourite music venues, Broken City also has a surprisingly hefty vegan and vegetarian menu. Nosh on cauliflower “wings,” hummus with grilled veggies, chickpea fries, or hearty vegan chili.

Buddha's Veggie

A Calgary vegetarian staple, Buddha’s Veggie specializes in vegetarian versions of Chinese classics. Vegetarians craving meaty favourites like dry ribs, ginger beef, sweet and sour pork, and crispy eel can dig into dishes made with meat substitutes.

Café Koi

A friendly restaurant that doubles as a music and art venue, Café Koi offers vegetarian and vegan versions of many of its Asian-fusion creations. The signature noodle and rice bowls can be made with tofu in place of animal-based proteins and there’s also a great selection of entrée-sized vegetarian salads.

Dish at The Coup

The Coup

Cocktail at The Coup

The Coup 

The Coup

A nice sit-down vegetarian restaurant, The Coup is stylish and healthy at the same time. The lunch and dinner menus are varied, with selections like vegetarian ramen and hot pot, veggie-packed rice bowls, and an irresistible tempeh shawarma. The restaurant also features a fun cocktail list, with libations made with ingredients like turmeric, shiso, spirulina, and kombucha

Five Rivers

Calgary is full of fantastic Indian restaurants and most have at least a few solid vegetarian options. Five Rivers does serve some meat dishes, but the vegetarian choices outnumber them on the menu. It also offers a long list of vegetarian pizzas (many featuring Indian flavours and ingredients) and a vegetarian buffet.

Hearts Choices

There are many facets to Hearts Choices’ vegan food business: catering, market stalls in the Calgary Farmers’ Market and Granary Road Public Market, a food truck, a Thai café on McLeod Trail SW, and a café market in northeast Calgary. The cafés focus on Thai vegan dishes like faux chicken or vegetable curries, soy “beef” kung pao and ginger tofu as well as non-Thai meals like tacos, sandwiches and mac ‘n’ (dairy-free) cheese.



Nepalese cuisine (which is absolutely divine) is a rarity in itself, but the Himalayan is also remarkable in that almost half of its menu is dedicated to meatless fare. Vegetarians can feast on a number of different spiced vegetable dishes, chickpea saag or a savoury tofu with noodles.

Raw Eatery and Market

Emphasizing the health benefits of a plant-based diet, Raw’s menu is all vegan and made with the freshest and most local ingredients possible. The restaurant offers a casual and clean space in which to enjoy wholesome smoothies, flavour-packed salads, and tacos filled with a sunflower seed “meat.”

SaVeg Café

This Beltline café, located inside Heavens Fitness, is only open from morning until late afternoon, so breakfast and lunch are what’s on the menu at SaVeg. Health conscious food lovers can enjoy all-vegan items like scrambled tofu breakfast burritos, faux tuna poke bowls, meatless bibimbap, and post-workout smoothies.

Seed N Salt

Located in the Mission neighbourhood, this casual restaurant isn’t 100% vegetarian, but seeing as it specializes in bowls, salads and smoothies, there are plenty of ultra-healthy vegetarian choices at Seed N Salt. Dig into big bowls full of grains, veg and house made dressings or go the extra mile with a granola-topped smoothie bowl.

The Street Eatery

While The Street Eatery’s menu is full of all kinds of globally inspired street food, many flock to the restaurant purely for its selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant carries the famed vegan Beyond Burger (made with beet juice to mimic a real beef patty) and also serves vegan wings, vegan curries and vegetarian Korean stone bowls.

Ten Foot Henry Interior

Ten Foot Henry 

Dish at Ten Foot Henry

Ten Foot Henry 

Ten Foot Henry

Not a vegetarian restaurant but a “vegetable-forward” restaurant, this chic share plates place is designed to please groups made up of meat eaters and vegetarians. Some of Ten Foot Henry’s best dishes are ultra-creative presentations of carrots, cauliflower, or beets, with a selection of fish and meat plates to go alongside for diners who crave a bit of animal protein to complement the vegetables.


Billed as “vegetarian street food,” this downtown take-out café is the place to go for a quick veg-heavy lunch. Grab a jackfruit wrap, one of several different veggie burgers or a signature Indian-style samosa from Veg-In.

Naturally, this is on top of all of Calgary’s other renowned restaurants, most of which have at least a few vegetarian options on their menus in order to accommodate all styles of eating. Get out there and get your veg on — this city is about so much more than meat and potatoes.

: Elizabeth Chorney-Booth
Elizabeth Chorney-Booth is a local food writer, cookbook author, radio columnist and a lifelong Calgarian. While Calgary will always be renowned for its local beef, the city is also full of treats for food enthusiasts adhering to vegetarian and vegan diets. Whether you live a life completely free of animal products or you’re just looking to cut down on your meat intake, these are just a few Calgary restaurants will put something delicious on your plate. Not all are strictly vegetarian, but they are all vegetarian-friendly and offer plenty of options for veggie-lovers.