Top Tours In and Around Calgary

A group on a guided walking tour throughout downtown Calgary
A group on a guided walking tour throughout downtown Calgary
Guided Tours

Top Tours In and Around Calgary

Tour in and around Calgary with these experienced tour guides.

Tours are a great way to experience a destination and the perfect way to get a local’s perspective on the history, food, and culture of a city. Enjoy the convenience of a tour bus, the freedom of a bicycle, or the adventure of motorcycle sidecars on these guided tours in and around Calgary. Let experienced guides and tour operators do the planning and explore everywhere from downtown Calgary and Banff to Dinosaur Provincial Park and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Find the tour that is right for you as you explore Calgary and beyond.

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Top Bus & Motorcycle Tours of Calgary

There is currently no hop-on hop-off bus services available in Calgary but plenty of guided bus tours to help you explore the city.

  • Alberta Blue Sky Tours is a bus tour company with a city tour for everyone. Take the City Highlights tour and see everything from the Calgary Tower and Studio Bell to The Confluence Historic Site (formerly Fort Calgary) and views from Scotsman's Hill. Private tours can be customized to take you to requested attractions, neighbourhoods, or even breweries.
  • Learn about important landmarks and public spaces on the CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours city bus tour with engaging guides. Tours leave from the base of the Calgary Tower and return to the same location at the end of the day.
  • Hammerhead Scenic Tours offers year-round bus tours of Calgary with key stops at WinSport, Heritage Park, and Scotsman's Hill. Each tour lasts approximately 3 hours on a comfortable air-conditioned tour bus.
  • Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures offers guided sidecar motorcycle tours in and around Calgary. Experienced drivers let you enjoy the view from the sidecar on a 90 minute tour of Calgary, featuring key stops for photo ops throughout each tour.
  • RTB Tours & Shuttles offers a Calgary Evening Tour with incredible views of the downtown Calgary skyline from Crescent Heights and Scotsman’s Hill. This tour is a great choice for visitors who are only in Calgary for a short time who are looking for the city's best viewpoints.
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Top Walking Tours of Downtown Calgary

  • BUMP Festival Mural Tours guide you through Calgary’s open air street art gallery! See 20+ murals in the heart of the Beltline, marvel at record breaking artworks, celebrate local history, and learn about the most iconic murals in the city. 
  • CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours tells the story of downtown Calgary from its early beginnings to the lively urban centre it is today. Tours guides lead a historical walking tour to major landmarks at a comfortable pace, through Stephen Avenue and along the Bow River Pathway.
  • History Wrangler Tours offers tours of Downtown Calgary and a special "Haunted Cowtown" tour that gives unique perspectives into the history of the city on guided walking tours. Tours last between 2 and 3 hours and begin at the Calgary Tower.
  • Toonie Tours provides a first-hand introduction to the city with local experts through a variety of tours including a Free Walking Tour, their one-of-a-kind Street Art and Craft Beer Tour, a classic Bike Tour, or a Scootsee City Highlights Tour. 
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group on a sidecar motorcycle tour at Scotsmans Hill

See Calgary from a unique perspective with Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventutes

group cheersing beer samples on a craft beer tour

Toonie Tours offers a number of unique experiences, including a Craft Beer tour


Top Ways to Tour Banff National Park

Explore the beauty and wonder of Banff National Park with a guided tour company that will provide transportation and helpful information along the way. These tours depart from Calgary and provide transportation to and from Banff.

  • Alberta Blue Sky Tours offers full or half-day tours of Banff Jasper, and/or Lake Louise.
  • Discover Banff Tours guides small groups to the major highlights in Banff along with custom experiences at Lake Louise, and Grotto Canyon, and Johnston Canyon. Looking for adventure? Try hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, snowshoeing, dogsledding, skiing, or snowmobiling with Discover Banff Tours.
  • Canadian Scenery Travel provides tours of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • Hammerhead Scenic Tours provides a full day tour through the Alberta foothills and the Canadian Rockies, with stops at Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, Mount Norquay, Cave & Basin Historic Site, and the Town of Banff. This full day tour lasts approximately 10 hours.
  • RTB Tours & Shuttles offers guided tours to Banff National Park with key stops at the Town of Banff, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and the Victoria Glacier. This year-round tour departs Calgary at 7:30 a.m. from the base of the Calgary Tower.
  • Brewster Sightseeing gives you the opportunity explore Banff and the charming shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants of this mountain town. Finish it all off with a ride up the Banff Gondola and a tour of Lake Minnewanka. Tours depart from Calgary, Canmore, and Banff.
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Top Tours of Drumheller and the Badlands 

Explore Drumheller and the Badlands with expert tour guides and comfortable transportation. These tours depart from Calgary and provide transportation to and from Drumheller and the Badlands.

  • Experience the Canadian Badlands with Alberta Blue Sky Tours and visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum and Horsethief Canyon east of Calgary.
  • Calgary Tours departs from the Coast Calgary Downtown hotel for a one day tour of the Badlands, with Horseshoe Canyon, hoodoos, and a visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum on the itinerary.
  • Hammerhead Scenic Tours provides a full day tour from Calgary that includes stops along Horseshoe Canyon and the North Dinosaur Trail, a visit to the World’s Largest Dinosaur, and a key stop at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. This full day tour lasts approximately 10 hours.
  • Explore Drumheller and the Badlands with RTB Tours & Shuttles, with key stops along Horseshoe Canyon, the Hoodoos, Atlas Coal Mine, Rosedale Suspension Bridge, and the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. Tours begin in May each year and departs Calgary at 7:30 a.m. from the base of the Calgary Tower.
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group on a tour with Discover Banff Tours

Visit the Canadian Rockies with Discover Banff Tours 

couple exploring drumheller and the Badlands

Tour the Canadian Badlands to explore the lands where dinosaurs roamed (photo credit: Travel Alverta/Katie Goldie)


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Tours


Waterton Lakes National Park Tours

  • Calgary Tours provides a guided tour to Waterton Lakes National Park in English, Mandarin, and Japanese. Explore the Alberta Foothills with stops at the Buffalo Paddock, Prince of Wales hotel, the Town of Waterton, Cameron Falls, and Red Rock Canyon.
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group on a tour of head-smashed-in buffalo jump

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Jeremy Fokkens)

group on a walking tour in Waterton Lakes National Park

Scenic Waterton Lakes National Parks is near the Canada/USA border (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Celestine Aerden


Calgary's Top Food Tours

  • Let your appetite lead the way with Alberta Food Tours and meet the farmers and chefs behind the food. Enjoy Sunday Brunch at the Calgary Farmers’ Market or follow a self-guided culinary tour through Kensington with Alberta Food Finder.
  • Calgary's Food Bike Tours combines the joy of biking and cooking. Master the culinary arts and sample fun dishes from exciting venues as you cycle through the city's central neighborhoods. This casual tour takes around three hours, rain or shine, from June to September.
  • Taste the City offers a self-guided tasting experience where you book online, receive a code, and enjoy curated plates and mocktails at three to five surprise restaurants all within walking distance. No need to worry about menus or payments! Simply choose your neighbourhood and date, then relax and savour the evening.
  • Ready to discover the best brews in Calgary? Canadian Craft Tours offers a Calgary Brewery Tour that will take you behind the scenes of the local craft beer scene. Round trip transportation, tours, and tasting flights are included in each tour.
  • YYC Tours provides bookable brewery, distillery and wine tours, with 'Jump On' tours offered one Saturday every month.
  • Toonie Tours' Street Art & Craft Beer Tour showcases some of Calgary's favourite brewpubs while introducing you to Calgary's vibrant public art scene.


Float Along Calgary's Bow River on a Self-Guided Tour

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friends enjoying a Taste The City dining experiences

Taste the City offers a tasting experience where menu selections are payments are taken care of ahead time.

groups of floaters floating on the Bow River in summer

Floating the Bow River typically takes between 2-4 hours (photo credit: Travel Alberta)