Your Guide to the Calgary Stampede's Sam Centre

interior display at Calgary Stamepde's Sam Centre
interior display at Calgary Stamepde's Sam Centre
Stampede Stories

Your Guide to the Calgary Stampede's Sam Centre

What to expect from your visit to Stampede’s first year-round attraction

You can now experience the magic of Stampede all year-round! Sam Centre tells stories from the past 100+ years of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth with interactive exhibits and immersive multimedia shows. Passionate staff and volunteers are also ready to share their own Stampede stories with you. 

Learn what to expect from your visit to this one-of-a-kind attraction. 

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Get in the Action at The Scown Gallery 

The main gallery at Sam Centre is a beautiful collection of exhibits, many of which bring you into the Stampede story.  

  • Stampede Star – Snap a photo of yourself on one of the iconic Stampede posters from years past and download a copy to your phone. 
  • Stampede Roots – Practice your lassoing skills, hop on a saddle, and imprint a cowboy hat on a leather bracelet souvenir. 
  • Join the Stampede Parade – Customize your own character and watch on a giant screen as they take part in the Stampede Parade. 
  • Behind the Scenes – Get comfy and choose from a selection of videos that show the personal stories of those that live and breathe Stampede. 
  • Stampede Style – Fit check. See how Stampede fashion has taken on a life of its own over the years. 

Feel the Energy with the Stampede Sensations Show 

Within The Scown Gallery is a theatre that plays a 15-minute multimedia show called Stampede Sensations. When you step in the theatre, you’re immersed in massive 270° screens that bring the stories of some of Stampede’s greatest characters to life. You’ll feel right in the action with this sensory experience.  

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A group takes in the Stampede Sensations Show

Experience a 270° sensory experience during a Stampede Sensations show (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Davey Gravy)

Visitors watch their characters join the Stampede Parade

Customize a character and watch as they take part in the Stampede Parade (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Davey Gravy)


Be Inspired by Stampede Champions in The Ross Glen Gallery 

The Ross Glen Gallery is not to be missed by anyone looking for more in-depth storytelling. The inaugural exhibition within the gallery celebrates Stampede champions and asks visitors how they too can be a champion. Between the prize memorabilia, stories of success, and motivational quotes, visitors will leave feeling inspired. While exploring the gallery, don’t miss these two stops: 

  • Tapestry of Success – Choose a ribbon, answer one of the prompting questions on success, and weave it into the tapestry. 
  • Championship Podium – Grab your favourite Stampede prop and take a fun photo on top of the podium. 
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Find Fresh Creations at the Maisie Eatery 

The bright and airy Maisie Eatery is right next to both galleries inside Sam Centre. The beautiful space is complimented by a daily-changing selection of delicious ready-made dishes. 
You’ll of course find great coffee and pastries, but those looking for a a bit more will be delighted by Maisie’s mile-high salads, sweet and savoury pies, and fresh sandwiches. 


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exhibits within the Ross Glen Gallery

The Ross Glen Gallery is the perfect place to learn about the stories that make Stampede great (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Davey Gravy) 

Maisie Eatery

Maisie Eatery is a level (or three) above your normal attraction cafeteria (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Davey Gravy) 


How to Get There 

Sam Centre is in the north-east section of Stampede Park. The building is a 10-minute walk from the Victoria Park/Stampede CTrain station and easily accessible by the pathway that runs along the Elbow River. There are bike racks just east of Sam Centre at the TransAlta Performing Arts Studio. 

Big things are happening at Stampede Park which means parking options can sometimes change. Sam Centre doesn’t currently have a dedicated parking lot for visitors but there are a couple of nearby paid lots just a block away. 

All galleries, entrances, and facilities are wheelchair accessible. 


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Exterior of Sam Centre with the downtown skyline in the background

Sam Centre is located just east of downtown (photo credit: Travel Alberta/Davey Gravy)