Best Late Night Eats in Calgary

server setting down a dish in front of two patrons at the bar top at Fortunas Row
server setting down a dish in front of two patrons at the bar top at Fortunas Row
Calgary Restaurants

Best Late Night Eats in Calgary

Places to eat that are open late

Calgary’s dining scene brings locals and visitors alike to sample iconic favourites, hidden gems, international cuisine and many more great dishes. Whether you have a late-night craving, want a bedtime snack and night cap, or need to refuel after a sporting event or dance party, plenty of delicious eats are available late into the night. So you can get your fill, long after the sun goes down. Here’s a rundown of the best places in the city to get your midnight (or later) eats. 

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Open Past 10pm

UNA Pizza + Wine   

Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and pizza and wine are all classic pairings that can’t be beaten, with the latter combination being the staple offering at UNA Pizza + Wine. This restaurant offers up California-influenced, thin-crust pizzas paired alongside hand-picked wines designed to amplify the flavours of each bite. Some options, like the mushroom pizza with white wine or the 4-maggi with UNA’s truffle honey, branch away from traditional toppings for new taste experiences. 

Locations: 69 7a Street NW (Bridgeland), 618 17th Ave SW (17th), 8529 Broadcast Ave SW (85th + Broadcast) 

Hours: Daily until 11pm


The Shoe and Canoe Public House 

Explore some true Canadian history and fare at the Shoe & Canoe Public House, named after 19th-century surveyor, cartographer, astronomer, fur trader, military supplier and farmer David Thompson. Travelling by foot and canoe, Thompson explored far across Canada and established relationships with local Indigenous tribes who called him Koo-Koo-Sint, meaning Stargazer. You’ll find thirst-quenching drinks named after him and delicious dish options including bison poutine, the David Thompson burger and Arctic Char, all bringing flavours from around Canada and Thompson’s many journeys. 

Address: 209 4 Ave SE 

Hours: Daily until 12am

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Open Past Midnight

Central Taps + Food 

Good vibes, good food and good times await at Central Taps + Food, one of Calgary’s favourite neighbourhood gathering places. This isn’t another craft beer hall. Rather, the restaurant offers almost 20 signature cocktails such as the spicy tequila pineapple mule, PB & J old fashioned and a passion tea refresher, with many coming straight from the taps. The food menu is designed to meet any craving, offering a wide array of flavours such as a plate of cheddar perogies, spicy California rolls, a bowl of ramen or a classic cheeseburger.  

Address:#110224 12 Ave SW 

Hours: Sunday-Thursday until 12am, Friday & Saturday until 1am


Bridgette Bar 

Weaving personal expertise and aspirations, Chef JP Pedhirney brings flavourful and delightful menu offerings to Bridgette Bar. If you’re looking for a place to truly experience great food, the menu here brings new twists to old favourites such as maple BBQ rainbow trout, ricotta dumplings, or a grilled octopus salad alongside seasonal menu offerings to enjoy something new at every visit. The décor will also transport you to an old-Hollywood atmosphere where there is no bedtime, making it the perfect place to wine and dine the night away.   

Address:739 10 Ave SW 

Hours: Sunday until 11pm, Monday-Wednesday until 12am, Thursday-Saturday until 1am


Fortuna’s Row 

Treat yourself to a taste of Latin America without leaving the city by visiting Fortuna’s Row and its blend of contemporary cuisines of Mexico, Peru, Brazil and regions across Central and South America. It’s even snagged a spot on the prestigious 2023 edition of enRoute’s Best New Restaurants list. If you aren’t sure what to pick from the tantalizing menu, choose the “let us feed you” option, and Chef Mikko Tamarra will curate an incredible dining experience for your table.  

Address:421 Riverfront Ave SE 

Hours: Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday until 11pm, Friday & Saturday until 1am 


Proof YYC 

Cocktails and curiosities and old-fashioned service, oh my! Proof YYC is one of Canada’s best cocktail bars dedicated to delivering a world-class experience. Proof took its name from the history of spirits, which used the “proof test” to check if the amount of alcohol in a spirit was sufficient. A gun pellet was soaked in the spirit and lit to see if the gunpowder inside would burn. If it did, it meant the spirit had sufficient alcohol and was above proof. If a flaming cocktail is on your nighttime list of desires, Proof has you covered. And, they pair well with Proof’s menu including a variety of bao buns and charcuterie boards, plus richer dishes like French Onion Baked Brie and Steak Tartare. 

Address:1302 1 Street SW 

Hours: Sunday & Monday until 12am, Tuesday-Saturday until 1am


Blowers & Grafton 

Fueled by a passion for East Coast food and a desire to share a slice of home, CEO and co-founder Josh Robinson established Blowers & Grafton in Calgary to do just that. Take your tastebuds on a coastal journey with East Coast-style donairs, garlic fingers, lobster rolls, and clams and chips. The secret behind the flavours is the authentically sourced ingredients from Nova Scotian fishermen, craft brewery operators and even the makers of the original donair meat recipe. 

Locations:12650 Symons Valley Road (Creekside), 2120 4 Street (Mission) 

Hours: Sunday-Thursday until 11pm, Friday & Saturday until 1am


Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub 

Calgary’s largest beer selection can be found at Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub, a popular choice for Calgarians since it was established in 1980. With over 300 beers to choose from, the pub provides no shortage of choices to imbibe in, whether paired with an order of Bavarian pretzels, Korean BBQ taquitos or a hearty Creole Jambalaya bowl. For some added fun, take the “Around the World in 80 Beers” challenge, where you have one year to drink a total of 80 beers. Each beer is marked with a stamp in a custom passport, and once you fulfill all 80, you earn an engraved brass plaque that will be displayed permanently in the pub. Are you up for it? 

Address:140 10 Ave SW 

Hours: Full food menu daily until 1:30am, regular service daily until 2am

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couple sitting at a bartop as the server reveals a smoked cocktail. A bartender climbs a ladder to reach a top shelf bottle.

Proof is open until 1am Tuesday-Saturday (photo credit: Colin Way)

exterior or Bottlescrew Bill's at night, as it is lit up with rainbow colours to celebrate Pride

Find something to eat at Bottlescrew Bill's daily until 1:30am


Open Past 2am

The Big Cheese Poutinerie

Nothing beats a big ol’ serving of crunchy fries and authentic cheese curds dolloped with steaming gravy to satisfy late-night munchies. Given poutine was invented in rural Quebec, The Big Cheese Poutinerie is also a great destination for visitors to experience an authentic taste of Canadian cuisine. Beyond a traditional poutine, the menu also offers vegetarian, pork, chicken and beef options so even poutine regulars can enjoy something new.  

Locations: 738 17 Ave SW (17th Ave),207 10 Street NW (Kensington)   

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday until 9pm, Thursday until 11pm, Friday & Saturday until 3:30am


Singapore Sams 

Nighttime or daytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s no wrong time to enjoy Chinese food. For over 30 years, Singapore Sams has delighted Calgarians with its best offerings of Chinese cuisine. Sizzling rice and Chow Fun, hearty soups, specialty pork and beef, egg foo yung, gluten-free options and appetizers make up this ample menu. The restaurant’s tantalizing smells alone will make you hungry. Good thing, since servings are generous, so bring a group of friends and a hearty appetite.  

Address:Unit 101 555 11 Ave SW 

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday until 12am, Thursday-Saturday until 4am


U & Me 

Having a late-night craving for dim sum? U & Me is one of the best restaurants in Calgary to satisfy just that need, with a menu featuring everything dim sum from steamed egg yolk buns and sticky rice to steamed pork and leek dumplings. Leave room to try the famous Chinese noodle dishes, including the Golden Mushroom and Pork fried Yee Mein.  

Address:#201 233 Centre Street SW  

Hours: Daily until 4am


Seniore’s Pizza

Home to the original donair pizza, Seniore’s Pizza set out to find and create the most outstanding pizza dough possible. After bringing in the knowledge of Italian chefs and great cooks, the Seniore’s Pizza team developed just that with its signature pizza dough and secret sauce. Among traditional options like cheese and meat lovers, you’ll also find more unique offers, such as the Seniore’s special with double pepperoni, salami, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes or the combination special bringing a flavourful array of ham, pepperoni, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, black olives, fresh garlic and bacon to indulge in. 

Address:#5 176 Bedford Drive NE 

Hours: Sunday-Thursday until 2am, Friday & Saturday until 4am

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Poutine in a takeout box

You can nibble on cheesy poutine from The Big Cheese until 3:30am on weekends

a slice of Seniore's pizza

Seniore's Pizza is the ultimate late night snack, available until 4am on weekends