8 Winter Adventures for the Quintessential Canadian Trip

snowshoeing in the rockies
snowshoeing in the rockies
Canadian Winter Culture

8 Winter Adventures for the Quintessential Canadian Trip

Embrace Canadian winters and discover the essense of a country made for bundling up and exploring the great outdoors.

Embracing Canada’s winter means indulging in the unique culture that surrounds the season and truly experiencing what Canada is all about. The perspective you’ll gain from encountering the unmatched, pure essence of Canada will stick with you throughout your life. Here are 8 winter adventures you should experience for a pure Canadian trip in Calgary and Banff & Lake Louise.

dog sledding through the rocky mountains

Dog sled tours in Banff National Park.

Dogsledding Tour

Public Bobsledding at Winsport

Winter Bobsleigh at WinSport.

Bobsleigh with an Olympian at COP

WinSport, home of the ’88 Olympics, will let you experience what it’s like to barrel down the track on a bobsleigh going 75mph. A professional bobsledder pilots your four person bobsleigh taking you on an exhilarating ride down the track. You get to experience what it’s like to have the wind whipping past you, taking twists and turns, barreling towards the bottom. Your heart will be pumping with adrenaline and energy when you reach the finish line. While you’re there make sure you check out the halfpipe - it’s the only one within city limits in North America.

Family Ice skating on lake louise

Ice skating at Lake Louise.

Ice Skating on Lake Louise

Calgary Zookeeper with penguins

Penguins at the Calgary Zoo.

Walk with a Penguin at The Calgary Zoo

Calgary Flames NHL Fans cheering wildly in the stands

NHL action with the Calgary Flames.

Cheer on the Flames

snowshoeing through mountains

Snowshoeing in Banff National Park.

Snowshoeing Through the Mountains

Winter Horse drawn carriage ride through Heritage Park

Heritage Park carriage rides. (Photo Credit: Kelly Hofer)

Horse Drawn Wagon Ride

winter log cabin in the mountains

Cozy cabins in Banff National Park.

Cozy Cabins

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