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Become a Local Champion

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The Local Champions Program

Securing a local champion and organizing committee is a precondition of bidding on major global events. Fostering the development of a strong community of local champions is not only critical to attracting and securing these top tier conferences for our city, but the benefits bestowed on these champions, and Calgary as a whole, go far beyond economic impact.

Through our local champions program, we seek to identify thought leaders in our ecosystem, collaborate with them on ambitious conference solicitation strategies, and provide them with the tools they need to not just successfully execute an event, but to also demonstrate why Calgary is the Ultimate Host City, and why Calgarians are the Ultimate Hosts.

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What is a Local Champion?

Local Champions are leaders in their respective fields, from academia to business to industry. These champions serve as the link between an international organization and local partners to support these conferences through the decision-making process and execution of hosting an event in Calgary.

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What Does a Champion Do?

Champions work with an ecosystem of organizations and individuals to lead a Local Organizing Committee (LOC).  Subject to the directives of the international body hosting the conference, the champion and LOC are responsible for the high-level strategy of conference programming, budgeting, gala event theming, legacy outcomes, and more.  Tourism Calgary provides the resources and network to support the champion and engages with a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) to manage the tactical execution and logistical minutiae of the conference itself.

How We Support Our Champions 

Just as our champions are specialists in their respective fields, Tourism Calgary has a team of seasoned meeting professionals. Not only are we experts in securing major international conventions, but we also have a robust network of meeting industry suppliers and contacts to ensure that conference planning and execution results in new benchmarks of success for our events, as well as a terrific delegate experience that will be the envy of other destinations.

In providing our champions the right kinds of resources, expertise, and counsel, we limit conference-related work to the side of your desk, instead of it to taking over the whole work surface!  After all, we want our local champions focused on what made them leaders in their respective fields in the first place.

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Areas of Support

Bid Support Read More
  • RFP Analysis for Bid Preparation
  • Conference Budget Guidance and Potential Funding Supports
  • Convention Venue and Hotel Search
  • Stakeholder Support
  • Bid Development and Submission
  • Site Inspections and In-Person Pitch to International Boards
Working With the Pros Read More
  • Corporate Registration
  • Budgeting, Conference Finance, and Disbursement of Funds
  • Sponsorship Solicitation
  • Convention Logistics
  • Connect with Suppliers
Event Services Read More
  • Customized Destination Microsite
  • Attendance Building Campaigns and Promotional Support
  • Logistical Planning Support - Transportation, Offsite Venues, Companion Tours
  • Welcome Pageantry
  • Onsite Visitor Services
  • Destination Deals, Offers, and Discounts
  • Visitor Experience and Planning Support

Why Become a Local Champion?

Local champions bring to life Calgary's visions of being the Ultimate Host City. They play a key role in not only ensuring visiting delegates experience the warm, welcoming hospitality Calgary is renowned for, but they also help showcase our city to the world as a hub of innovation and a center of excellence in their respective fields. The confluence at these events of thought leaders from around the globe and from within our city leads to advancement and new growth opportunities for Calgary's key industry sectors and tremendous outcomes that positively impact our local economy and the champions themselves.

Join our team of champions, shaping Calgary's story of innovation, collaboration, and impactful change.
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