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Silent Disco
Silent Disco
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Silent Disco


Kindred Roots Therapy Inc. is making noise by bringing the first-ever Silent Headphone Disco to Okotoks.

A favourite experience at resorts worldwide, Silent Disco attendees each receive a set of wireless headphones with three music channels to choose from. One channel will feature a live DJ, and the other two are prerecorded stations, each featuring a different musical vibe. Pick your favourite or switch from channel to channel to find what moves you. Coloured lights on each set of headphones will show you who's listening to what channel, and the DJ will be working hard to turn the crowd by spinning all their favourites.

The true magic of a Silent Disco is in its ability to connect people of all ages, stages, and

Choose Your Groove: You get to crank up the music you love on the headphones, while everyone else enjoys their own jam. No more arguments about playlists, and no complaints about noise levels!

Cater to All Ears: People with varying hearing preferences or sensitivities can enjoy the party at their own comfort level. It's also inclusive for people with autism or sensory issues.

Conversation Oasis: Need a break from dancing? Just take off your headphones and chat with ease. No need to shout over loud music.

Mental Health Benefits: Dance and movement are powerful tools for improving mental health. They reduce stress, boost mood, and foster a sense of community. At Kindred Roots Therapy Inc., we believe in the therapeutic power of dance and its ability to connect us with our bodies and each other.

Get your tickets now and join us for a night to remember!

We can’t wait to dance with you!

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