Of A Certain Age

Of A Certain Age
Of A Certain Age
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Of A Certain Age

Starts March 12th, 2021
Recurring every week day
10:00:00 - 16:00:00
Ends April 16th, 2021


'Of A Certain Age' is a Leighton Art Centre Main Gallery exhibition by Cindy Bouwers and Jean Pederson.

While we had hoped reopening might be possible by now, current Alberta health measures continue to keep Leighton Art Centre (LAC) - together with our fellow Alberta museums and art galleries - temporarily closed.

This new exhibition is being installed in the gallery, with the expectation that in-person visits might be possible towards late March. But, in the meantime, the show must go on! 

Virtual visitors are invited you to view the exhibition’s online catalogues, which will be available on the LAC website by 4 pm on Friday March 12, 2021. Exhibition continues through April 17, 2021.

When in-person visits become possible, please check leightoncentre.org for current operating hours.

About The Exhibition:

What is this euphemism "of a certain age" and why is it so often applied only to women? Is that really how we want our middle years referred to?

Life experiences over six decades have provided artists Cindy Bouwers & Jean Pederson with childhood, teen years, education, marriage, motherhood, opportunity, disappointment. Scars, lumps, bumps, grey hair, weathered skin are physically, emotionally and spiritually portrayed within their tracks of time. With this exhibition, the artists have explored thoughts of how they arrived here, what is important, what they are becoming.

The paintings and personal images created for this exhibition mirror what Jean and Cindy have gained by reaching “a certain age”. They have richness and depth, complexity, layers, and consider both the dark and the light. Some of the materials and processes incorporated are new for the artists — a homage to their continued personal growth. Many of life’s lessons — letting go, shifting expectations, enduring difficulty, being vulnerable, valuing authenticity, overcoming fears, and laughing much are reflected in the work.

Rich in experience, insight, influence, strength and creativity — Cindy Bouwers and Jean Pederson are two women "Of A Certain Age"!

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