Art Exhibition | Cathy Daley "Gestures"

Art Exhibition | Cathy Daley "Gestures"
Art Exhibition | Cathy Daley "Gestures"
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Art Exhibition | Cathy Daley "Gestures"

Starts March 19th, 2024
Recurring weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Ends April 26th, 2024


Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce "Gestures", a solo exhibition of work created by acclaimed Canadian figurative artist, Cathy Daley, marking the two-year anniversary of her passing.

Showcasing iconic images of billowing black dresses, tutus, and high-heels, "Gestures" speaks equally to the formal elements of Daley’s artistic practice, as it does to her lively representation of the female body. Daley herself alluded to the gestural weight and mark-making of her work, describing her drawing process as “a record of what took place.” Cathy, on her work:

"It feels more alive that way, with the evidence of process. I work at a drawing and then rework it. The large drawings I do on the floor so I can move around. It’s a very physical process, being immersed in the work."

With a career spanning 40 years, Cathy Daley gained prominence for her striking figurative drawings created with black oil pastel on translucent vellum. Pulling from the world of high fashion, these iconic drawings are a contemporary exploration of both body politics and the culturally accepted images of femininity. Daley used her work to investigate what it means to be female in Western culture, often pointing to the formulas behind stereotypes, built on unrealistic ideals of perfection and cultural caricatures.

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