20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition & Calgary Comedy Festival

20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition & Calgary Comedy Festival
20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition & Calgary Comedy Festival

20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition & Calgary Comedy Festival

Starts October 15th, 2020

Ends November 29th, 2020


Laughter is the best medicine and a huge dose is being prescribed to combat the pandemonium of the pandemic. That’s why in YYC live and in-person audience shows will be produced from your very own 20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition (October 15 to 24) and Western Canada’s largest comedy fest, the 20th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival (November 19 to 29)!

Patrons will get their belly-laughs from six headline comedians per night during the main festival in November. Adding to the merriment will be the new 10 day programming (instead of the weekly competition shows) of the 20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition. One of the best parts is scenes from both events will become a part of a "comedy fest" portion of a documentary pitch regarding the Zeitgeist from the sometimes off-the-rails roller coaster ride of 20 years of FunnyFest Comedy. The documentary focuses on the incredibly creative and difficult life of the stand-up comedy world from FunnyFest's perspective. 


The 20th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition will feature 50 competitors trying to win $1000 and a chance to win a spot in the main festival. There are still a few spots left in the Comedy Competition. Please apply here: https://funnyfest.com/comedy-competition


The 20th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society, November 19 to 29, features 6 comics per 2 hour show. Two (2) Shows run nightly at 7 pm and 9 pm. Doors open 1 hour before show time, and dinner and drinks can be purchased. Due to pandemic restrictions there are limited tickets and they are ONLY $20 per person. More info and buy tickets online at https://FunnyFest.com

"We've delivered nearly 2000 shows and toured at a variety of venues across Canada for the past 20 years, yet we are very excited to be filming for this 2nd documentary this year," said FunnyFest founder, Artistic Director and headline stand-up comic, Stu Hughes. "The venues and people are VERY excited for live FunnyFest Comedy shows again and they are keen on participating, since being virtually locked down for 6 months. FunnyFest Comedy will also include and present documentary footage of the City of Calgary."

FunnyFest Comedy, even during the pandemic, has never wavered from the plan of delivering live audience produced comedy. "After all there is nothing better than seeing so much comedy talent live and in person … And all the jokes will be sprayed with disinfectant prior to the show starting", Stu states.

Year 20 could not have been accomplished without the incredible support of XIMEN Mining Corp... The mining exploration company sources precious metals across Canada. XIMEN believes in supporting choice arts & culture initiatives like the FunnyFest Society: "Stu and his FunnyFest team are similar in some ways to XIMEN Mining Corp., as they are mining for 'Comedy Gold', so they spend countless hours attempting to source some rare nuggets to stand-up and deliver", states CEO, Christopher Anderson.

The Calgary-based FunnyFest is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers and produces approximately 125 comedy events, workshops, seminars, and talent development opportunities every year. FunnyFest donates over $200,000 worth of value annually to various charities and non-profit organizations, including The Salvation Army.

"Comedy, like most popular culture, is a reflection of the society that creates it," said Hughes, "FunnyFest uses humour to capture the truth behind all the craziness in the world and encourages an optimistic perspective, which we can all use right now."

The annual festival includes various venues from theatres, showrooms, hotels to pubs. The main festival offers over 11 comedy themes, 70 performers and 22 comedy showcases.

"Besides being a fun and funny event to bring to Calgary, we appreciated the fact FunnyFest is funding great causes and is offering the 'Essential Service of LAUGHTER', said Artistic Director, Stu Hughes. "This year has been a tough one for many people and we know we all can use some BIG LAUGHS. We are stoked about having the 20th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society be the only live audience driven festival being produced in Calgary since the pandemic lockdown."

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