Water Use While in Calgary

Visitor Information pop-up in downtown Calgary
Visitor Information pop-up in downtown Calgary
June 2024

Water Use While in Calgary

There have been many questions about whether Calgary is open to visitors given the current water shortage. The answer is ‘YES’ – Calgary is open to all guests, meetings, and events. We look forward to welcoming you in a responsible and sustainable way! 

Below you’ll find answers to common questions for both visitors and tourism businesses. 

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Water Restriction FAQs for Visitors 

What happened that led to these restrictions? 

On June 5, 2024, a water main pipe broke. Repairs are well underway, but the City of Calgary is estimating it will take another three to five weeks for completion. During this time, Calgarians and visitors are being asked to reduce their water use so to protect the water supply for essential services like fire and rescue.  

I have a trip booked, should I still come to Calgary? 

Yes! Calgary hotels, attractions, venues, and restaurants are all open and taking measures to reduce water usage. These businesses rely on visitors coming during the summer months and are doing all they can to support reducing water use while maintaining a terrific guest experience for you. 

Is The Calgary Stampede still happening? 

Yes, The Calgary Stampede, other meetings, sporting events, and tourism businesses (like restaurants, hotels, attractions) in Calgary are proceeding largely as planned, with modifications to reduce water use. We look forward to responsibly hosting guests over the next few weeks and months. 

What can I do to conserve water during my visit? 

First, please know our water is safe to drink. To help reduce your water use during your time in Calgary, here are some tips: 

  • Flush the toilet only when necessary.

  • Limit showers to three minutes and skip baths.

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face.

  • Reuse your towels and linens: hang towels to dry and reuse them.

  • Consider skipping daily housekeeping services.

  • Postcard “Live like a local”


Where can I find the most up-to-date information on restrictions? 

Daily, up-to-date information on the water issue is provided by the City of Calgary. 
The Tourism Calgary visitor experience team can be reached by email for any specific trip planning questions. 

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Water Restriction FAQs for Tourism Businesses 

What water restrictions are in place for businesses? 

The City of Calgary has defined restrictions based on ‘Essential Use Exemptions’ and ‘Non-Essential Use’ and provided tips specific to business type
There is a mandatory outdoor water restriction in effect, with some business exemptions, as well as a city-wide fire ban

How can I reduce water consumption at my business? 

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, or attraction experience, please refer to the City of Calgary’s guide for suggestions on how to reduce your business water consumption.  

How do I share my water reduction success with the rest of the industry? 

Having been through issues in the past, we know how great the tourism community in Calgary is at coming together and doing everything we can to support each other. We’d like to hear your stories! Please share how your business is getting creative on reducing your water consumption while maintaining a positive customer experience. 

Are there resources available for me to post onsite or share with guests?

There are several resources that have been made for your business to share with clients and guests. We are encouraging visitors to “Live like a Local” and here are some materials for your business.


Please consider participating in the #EveryDropCounts campaign by sharing what your business is doing to reduce water, and tag 5 contacts to do the same. See our President and CEO, Alisha Reynolds’ video.



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