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Create your own spirit with our partner toolkit

That's The Spirit Toolkit

Tourism Calgary is excited to partner with tourism organizations to lift the That’s the Spirit campaign platform to generate traveller visitation to Calgary and promote recovery of the tourism economy.  

General positioning notes

That’s the Spirit is designed to make an emotional connection with the local or visitor, based on the new reality of what they’ve just been through. At the top is brand awareness messaging that spark attraction to Calgary as a destination. 

Here’s a tone of voice check-list to help:

Does the piece capture a moment that is unique or unexpected?

The unexpected invitations are the creative ways we choose to move forward, and how we show our spirit. These unexpected moments invite us to experience something new, and articulate what’s at the heart of resiliency- and what will emotionally connect with consumers and inspire them to be a part of this creative movement forward. Rather than ‘We are at 50% capacity’, we recognize the opportunity and communicate this with optimistic excitement.

For example: 'From wizard-themed cocktail bars to the retro-magic of drive-in movies, Calgary's bursting with creative ways to explore -- That's the Spirit.'

Is there emotion due to the fact that COVID19 has changed the way we value and experience things? 

Calgary experiences feel different now, because of what we’ve been through. There’s power in zoning-in on the small things that have been given a whole new meaning (these are simple things that we would have ignored pre-COVID19 that have become deeply profound post-COVID19).

For example; ‘Strolling through the living artifacts at Heritage Park take on new meaning after creating a few artifacts of your own during this historic time’

Is the tone positive and energetic?

Is it inviting? Does it inspire the reader to want to participate?

Would you Instagram it?

Tools to help you use this platform

That’s the Spirit headlines/social copy idea starters

Social Overlay

Use any of these templates to create your own social images with That's the Spirit branding

Instagram Post overlays (right click on link to download)

There are also several produced photos to use for social posting. (Right click to download examples below)


That's the Spirit wordmark

Please use these as needed in your digital efforts


That's the Spirit Local Video


Share with us any amplification or activation you do with That’s the Spirit on your social media platforms by adding the hashtag #capturecalgary and tagging us on Facebook (@tourismcalgary), Instagram (@tourismcalgary) or Twitter (@tourismcalgary)!

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