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Memorial Park Library

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 12:00

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 12:00


Haven’t watched your home movies in years?
Don’t let your films decay, bring them to Home Movie Day!

Saturday, October 19
Memorial Park Library
1221 2nd Street SW

12-2 pm - film inspection and check in
2-4 pm - screening of home movies

A film archivist will assess the quality of film to see it they can be put through a projector without causing damage.

Members of the public will be able to view their Super 8, 8mm, or 16mm films which they may not have seen in years using proper projecting equipment.

Those who attend will also have the opportunity to learn how to care for and extend the life of their films.

Home Movie Day is free and open to the public. Members of the public are invited to bring in their films or just come to watch and enjoy the films with an enthusiastic audience in a day-long celebration of amateur filmmaking and home movie preservation.

More info about HMD is available a t
Or contact Charles Tepperman at

"Home Movie Day was started in 2002 by a group of film archivists concerned about what would happen to all the home movies shot on film during the 20th century. They knew many people have boxes full of family memories that they've never seen for lack of a projector, or out of fear that the films were too fragile to be viewed. They also knew that many people were having their amateur films transferred to videotape or DVD, with the mistaken idea that their new digital copies would last forever and the "obsolete" films could be discarded. Original films (and the equipment required to view them) can long outlast any version on VHS tape, DVDs, or other digital media. Not only that, but contrary to the stereotype of the faded, scratched, and shaky home movie image, the original films are often carefully shot in beautiful, vibrant color—which may not be captured in a lower-resolution video transfer.

Home Movie Day has grown into a worldwide celebration of these amateur films, during which people in cities and towns all over meet their local film archivists, find out about the archival advantages of film over video and digital media, and—most importantly—get to watch those old family films! Because they are local events, Home Movie Day screenings can focus on family and community histories in a meaningful way. They also present education and outreach opportunities for local archivists, who can share information about the proper storage and care of personal films, and how to plan for their future."

- from

"Saving our film heritage should not be limited only to commercially produced films. Home movies do not just capture the important private moments of our family's lives, but they are historical and cultural documents as well. Consider Abraham Zapruder's 8mm film that recorded the assassination of President Kennedy or Nickolas Muray's famously vibrant color footage of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera shot with his 16mm camera. Imagine how different our view of history would be without these precious films. Home Movie Day is a celebration of these films and the people who shot them. I urge anyone with an interest in learning more about how to care for and preserve their own personal memories to join in the festivities being offered in their community..."
-Martin Scorsese

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