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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 19:00

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 21:00

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This is a Chakradance TM workshop from the Awakening Series. Watch this video on Chakradance by Samaria https://youtu.be/tPpG1MTQ5oo The first centre to explore on the Chakra map is the base chakra. The spontaneous movements that emerge while dancing the base chakra tend to draw inspiration from tribal dancing, as found in the indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia and North America. These tribal dances are linked to the issues of the base, including our roots, survival and grounding. In CHAKRADANCE TM, emphasized movements of the legs and feet connect us to the solid earth. Many envisage dancing around an ancient campfire, bringing the primitive tribal dance to life. These ancient cultures also had imitative dances, emulating the movements of animals. Again, we can draw inspiration from these roots and dance in an animal-like way. In this wild and raw animal dance, our innate instinctual self is reclaimed. Watch this video on the Base Chakra https://youtu.be/zqMmowOOLqA This is a holistic healing workshop that uses meditation, journeying, conscious movement (dance), mandala art therapy, specifically attuned music, to achieve a state of awareness and allow healing to begin. We have membership packages available that offer great discounts on our services. To check them out please go to http://www.samariasspiritual.guru/ Another great way to save on Samaria's Chakradance workshops is to purchase the whole Awakening Series. Please go to http://www.samariasspiritual.guru/ to find out more. For non-members the cost of this workshop is $67. You can pay on our website http://www.samariasspiritual.guru/ or by email transfer to samaria@samariasspiritual.guru We do not have dropins for our workshops and RSVP's must be made in advance.

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