Tourism Calgary disappointed in Government of Alberta's decision to withdraw funding for X Games

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Tourism Calgary disappointed in Government of Alberta's decision to withdraw funding for X Games

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Tourism Calgary disappointed in Government of Alberta’s decision to withdraw funding for X Games

X Games were projected to inject $75 million to Calgary’s economy annually

Oct. 31, 2019 - Earlier this year, Calgary secured the rights to host X Games – a globally-recognized youth lifestyle, music and action sports festival – for a minimum three-year commitment. This commitment was made in part because of a commitment from the provincial government to fund $13.5 million over three years to launch X Games in Canada, with anticipated returns of $75 million in annual economic impact.

Yesterday, Tourism Calgary was advised provincial funding would no longer be considered.

“We understand the provincial government needs to make some difficult decisions, and is doing so in this budget,” says Cindy Ady, CEO, Tourism Calgary. “We brought the opportunity of being the first Canadian city to host X Games to our provincial partners and to our local and national sponsors because we continue feel strongly that this event would have significantly contributed to Calgary’s economy, brand and spirit at the right time of year.”

“Tourism Calgary is proud of work and track-record in bringing events to Calgary for the benefit of Calgarians and visitors,” says Ady. “In 2018 we attracted 89 events to Calgary that injected $108 million to our economy. We continue to evaluate many other major events that will support the growing visitor economy in Calgary.”


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Tourism Calgary is the official destination marketing and development organization for Calgary's tourism industry. For more than 50 years, the organization’s primary purpose has been to promote Calgary and area as the destination of choice for travellers.

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