How to Celebrate Stampede 2020

How to Celebrate Stampede 2020
How to Celebrate Stampede 2020
Keeping the Spirit Alive

How to Celebrate Stampede 2020

Discover new ways to celebrate the spirit of the Calgary Stampede in 2020.

This summer, we’re celebrating the Calgary Stampede in new ways. From mini donuts and pancakes to Spotify playlists and Instagram stickers, we’re keeping the spirit alive. Just because the Calgary Stampede is not taking place in 2020 doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Stay updated on all of the official Calgary Stampede activitieshow to Stampede Safely, and everything you need to Celebrate the Calgary Stampede at Home in 2020.

Find new ways to celebrate the Calgary Stampede this year!

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Get a taste of mini donuts and pancake breakfasts to celebrate Stampede 2020.

Calgary Stampede Events

Bell Fireworks Spectacular - July 3 & 12

Stampede Food Truck Rally – July 3 & 12

Community Pancake Drive-Thru - July 4 & 11

Mini Donut Drive-Thru – July 6-7, 9-11

BMO Kids’ Day Pancake Drive-Thru – July 8

Community Activities

Boots On at the King Eddy - July 2-11

Stampede-ish at CRAFT Beer Market - July 3-10

Free House Corral - July 3-12

Stampede Pancake Breakfast - Pawsitive Match Fundraiser - July 3

Stampede Kid's Day - DIY Bubble Tea Workshop - July 8

Camp Wildhorse - July 8-11

Granary Road Giddy Up! - July 10-12

Free Stampede Breakfast at OMO - July 11

Hotels Live: Fresh Horses – Garth Brooks Tribute – July 11

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