5 Instagram Worthy Places

bow valley winter
bow valley winter
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5 Instagram Worthy Places

Discover photo worthy spots in the Canadian Rockies, from mountain peaks and turquoise lakes to hot springs and wildlife.

Dazzling peaks, lush alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, towering waterfalls, and home to incredible wildlife, the Canadian Rockies are always ready for a new adventure. Make Calgary your basecamp to adventure and be transported to a world of glacial peaks, hot springs, and five star hotels.

Here’s what recent visitors are saying about some of Alberta’s photo worthy mountain spots:


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'68.4km of hiking, total gain of 3,555m, max elevation 2,470m whistlers summit. Cheers to Canadian Rockies and all the daily hiking, adventures, drinks and parties. I had such a blast.' - @laury_jak


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'Taking a break at Lake Louise.' - @hfields


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'Winter vibes.' - @mikksarv


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'Run Fola Baby, Run!' - @noraelizh


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'Sunday Mood.' - @_pifou

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