10 Panda Memories from 1988

Panda magic record and album cover
Panda magic record and album cover
Panda Memories

10 Panda Memories from 1988

10 panda memories from Calgary in 1988 that will make you want to visit the pandas at the Calgary Zoo again.

The pandas are coming to Calgary and that has everyone feeling nostalgic for the last time pandas called Calgary home. Four giant pandas will call the Panda Passage at the Calgary Zoo home starting May 7, 2018, when Er Shun and Da Mao and cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue arrive.

Did you visit the pandas in 1988? Then you probably remember these throwbacks from the last time Calgary had pandemonium.

Feel the panda nostalgia for 1988 with these vintage souvenirs and memories to prep for your visit the see Calgary’s newest residents.

Panda Magic

FLASHBACK! We're getting excited about the giant pandas coming in 2018, and so we dusted off our old vinyl from the 1988 giant panda visit. Who remembers this song?

Original Panda 45 Recording


Cheers to Pandas in 1988

Calgary Flames Legend Lanny McDonald is Ready for the Pandas

Panda Bus Tour Memories

Went on a bus tour with my family and our destination was the pandas at Calgary Zoo. Still have a commemorative mug as a souvenir. Will be taking my own kids this summer!

– Kathleen Bartko Kneeland

Panda Ice Cream from 1988

Panda Bear Stuffy 30 Years Later

"I feel like I should be embarrassed for still having this bear in my house 30 years later.... But I'm not. He has passed from me down to all of my girls one at a time. Can't wait to come see them again this summer and maybe buy a new bear or two."

- Jolene Bessant

Breakfast with the Pandas

“We took our two girls to have "Breakfast with the Pandas" and it was a wonderful experience. I hope this type of event will happen this time so we can now take our grandchildren.” – Frank Kelly

Must-Have Panda Pin Collection

How about this vintage news report from the CBC Digital Archives?

Experience the pandas in Calgary again at the Calgary Zoo’s Panda Passage, opening May 7, 2018.