Top 3 Day Trips from Calgary

Canoeing at Lake Louise
Canoeing at Lake Louise
Basecamp to Adventure

Top 3 Day Trips from Calgary

Discover how Calgary can be your basecamp to adventure in the Canadian Rockies with tips and tricks from explorer Seattle Dredge
Seattle Dredge

When I used to imagine Calgary, I didn’t exactly picture it as an adventurous destination. Sure, I knew that it sat at the foot of the Rockies, but how could I find adventure by basing myself within the city? Well—I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’ve been all across Canada, and have visited most of the big cities of our country, so I feel quite confident in saying that Calgary is now one of my favourite Canadian cities, and I could definitely picture myself living there.

Alberta prairies

Seattle Dredge exploring Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump on a day trip from Calgary.


Day 1: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Seattle Dredge gets a great view of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.

Driving through the Prairies

Road trip through the prairies with Seattle Dredge.


Classic Alberta beef at charbar in Calgary. 

Drumheller Dinosaur

The World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller on a day trip from Calgary.


Exploring hoodoos on a day trip from Calgary.

River Cafe

Lunch at the River Cafe in Calgary.

Day 3: Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Beautiful Lake Louise.

I paddled out to the centre of the lake in a canoe, and simply sat in silence for the next several minutes. Even though there was quite a large crowd starting to build on shore, it felt completely isolated out on the calm creamy waters of the lake. I stared at the mirrored scene of the mountains and glacier in front of me, and nearly forgot to head back for lunch.

Back up in the Fairmont’s Lakeview Lounge, I enjoyed a crispy chicken lettuce fold and somewhat unexpected, but delicious butter chicken dish with basmati and grilled naan bread. It was mountain dining at its best.

crispy chicken lettuce wrap

Lunch at the Fairmont Lakeview Lounge.

summer gondola in Lake Louise

Great views from the gondola at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Two grizzly bears

Spotting grizzly bears from the gondola at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

My favourite part of road-tripping from Calgary was how often the landscapes changed. As I left my hotel each morning, my surroundings went from city to rolling hills to prairies to sandy badlands to mountains all within the span of only two hours.

Calgary is in the perfect location for anyone looking for cultural experiences and First Nations history, lessons in geology, and a look back at the dinosaurs of North America, and of course, adventure and adrenaline in the Rockies. Calgary and its surrounding landscape has something for everyone, and I for one, cannot wait to go back to see more.