Travelling with a Stroller in Calgary

Travelling with a Stroller in Calgary
Travelling with a Stroller in Calgary
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Travelling with a Stroller in Calgary

How to navigate Calgary when travelling with a stroller.

Walking with a Stroller

Calgary in the Winter

If you are exploring in the wintertime, the snow can make things difficult. It may be difficult to navigate strollers with small wheels (such as umbrella strollers), even after the snow has been cleared. After a snowfall, most tourist areas and attractions will be cleared, but residential neighborhoods can be hard to push a stroller through all winter.

What Kind of Stroller to Use

The best stroller for you will depend on the kinds of activities you are planning on doing. If you are planning on spending time outside, strollers with larger wheels will help you navigate the terrain. Larger wheels will also be beneficial if you are navigating the city during snowy weather.

If you will be spending time primarily indoors or at crowded events like the Calgary Stampede, having a smaller stroller that folds easily will be helpful.

If you are going to be doing a wide variety of things, a light-weight stroller (bigger than an umbrella stroller, smaller than a full-sized stroller) with three wheels can be very versatile.

You should also think about whether your child will need to sleep in the stroller. Sometimes when you are travelling, even kids who would normally never sleep in a stroller will end up nodding off. Having a stroller than can recline with a shade canopy can be important.

Where to Buy a Stroller in Calgary

Looking to buy a stroller? Calgary has several options with lots of choices available.

One Tiny Suitcase

One Tiny Suitcase

Where to Rent a Stroller in Calgary

​Travelling to Calgary without your own stroller? There are a couple places that offer stroller rentals if you don’t want to bring your own. You can also try a different kind of stroller for your trip!

Public Transit

If you can, try to travel at non-peak times. If you must travel during morning or evening rush hours, plan to fold up your stroller and take the smallest stroller you can. Also be prepared to watch a few full trains go by before you get on one.

Calgary’s C-Train system is fairly easy to navigate with a stroller. Stations have easy-to-find ramps or elevators if you need to use them.

Stroller parking areas are available at the Calgary Zoo.

Stroller parking areas are available at the Calgary Zoo.

Calgary Attractions

Heritage Park Historical Village requires a lot of walking just to get to the main attractions. Although there is a shuttle for people with special needs, families need to walk along the pathway.

Strollers are not allowed on the train, so you will need to park your stroller in a stroller parking area at the station. The train has three stations and typically stops at every other station as it makes its way around the park.

Many of the historical buildings do not accommodate strollers well or at all so it is best to park strollers outside. Stroller rentals are not available.

Shopping Centres

Indoor Play Centres and Swimming Pools

Smaller strollers work best at the Calgary Stampede.

Smaller strollers work best at the Calgary Stampede.

Special Events and Festivals

Even if your kids don’t use one much, it can be useful to have a small stroller at the Calgary Stampede. A lot of walking is required, but a large stroller can make navigating the crowds frustrating.

Great Areas to Explore


Banff National Park is a great day trip from Calgary.

Banff National Park is a great day trip from Calgary.

Day Trips from Calgary

Stroller Accessible Trails

Hiking with a stroller can be difficult, however, there are some great walking trails where you can take a stroller.