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Your complete marketing promo piece. The most effective and affordable way to attract the travelling public to your business.
We have high quality displays located in hotels, visitor centres, airports and high traffic tourist destinations.

Our 12 month program provides a full package to promote your business. We provide designing of the card, the printing and the guarantee your card will always be on display during the entire year. 

Miniature Menu cards provide information on your business and details to bring travellers right to your door. With two styles of cards available, we are able to provide a ‘miniature’ brochure to suite your requirements and display your information.

The business card size of the miniature brochure are more convenient than larger brochures and are usually held onto longer since they can easily be put into your pocket, purse or wallet.  Also, hotel staff enjoy having these displays as an easy reference  for directing  their guests to the local attractions.

Miniature Menus is a great resource to find out where to go and what to do locally. Watch for our displays and 'pick'em up'.


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