For the past 29 years, the Royal Tyrrell Museum has been one of this country’s most fascinating museums. The fact that one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world, is only a ninety minute drive from Calgary, is just icing on the cake!  

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the museum and explored the more than 157,000 individual specimens, there are plenty of reasons to check out this fascinating look at earth’s most mysterious creatures. 


The Cretaceous Garden features Canada’s largest collection of prehistoric plant relatives. It also happens to be incredibly environmentally-friendly, because creatures instead of chemicals are used for pest control, including fire-bellied toads, salamanders, ladybugs, and anoles.

Royal Tyrell


The annual Speaker Series brings world-renowned scientists and researchers to the Museum and offers them a platform to discuss hot topics in palaeontology or to share results of their current research with the public. The perfect way to brush up on your dinosaur knowledge in the Canadian Badlands. Thursdays at 11:00AM. 

Royal Tyrell


Of course the main feature of the Royal Tyrrell Museum are the dinosaurs and the museum has a lot of them.  There are more than 40 full dinosaur skeletons in Dinosaur Hall, including not one, not two, but three T.Rex skeletons on display. For many, seeing a real dinosaur skeleton is enough wonderment to last the entire year.

Royal Tyrell


The Museum is named after Joseph B. Tyrrell, a geologist who accidentally discovered the skull of the carnivore Albertosaurus sarcophagus (“flesh-eating lizard from Alberta”) in 1884 close to where the Museum is now located. 

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