Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

by Beauty by the B

There’s much to love about Calgary, an increasingly growing and flourishing city that has much to offer. There has been an explosion within the past few years that has brought much diversity to the city - from the culinary explosion of unique and delicious food, the arts and theatre scene that is seeing more colour and flair on its stages, an increasing number of fashion events, boutiques and local designers receiving recognition, and of course, a lot of of establishments offering beauty advice and services to take your look to the next level. 

Your options to beautify and relax are vast, whether you’re looking to have pretty nails, get a relaxing body massage, or as in our case, receive amazing facials that will help you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the winter season. 

Beauty by the B’s girls weekend was off to a magnificent start with Specialty Facials at Mission’s Sante Spa, where we were pampered and treated like the princesses we wish we could be. 

The Spa

Even though we’re sisters and are very much alike, a few differences are easily detected, including our individual skin care and spa needs. When we were invited to experience Specialty Facials at Sante Spa, we were booked in for different services that both blew us away. 

But before we got to the facials, we had to admire the spa’s amazing decor, including their beautiful and relaxing lounge where we enjoyed chocolate covered treats and refreshing fruity ice waters. 

Sante Spa - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

And then it was all amped to the next level of amazing...

Sante Spa - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

AldonaB: Micordermabrasion Facial

Surprisingly this was my first Microdermabrasion treatment, as I usually opt to book in for hydrating facials, although this was precisely what my skin needed. The facial treatment is performed with the DiamondTome Micro-facial technology that smoothes your complexion, making it the perfect treatment for when the seasons change. My skin has never felt this clean, young and refreshed. Amazing! 

KateB: M6 Collagen Activator

Sante Spa M6 Collagen Activator - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Sante Spa recently introduced Advanced Body Therapies that are non-invasive, and the M6 Collagen Activator facial uses the LPG Endermologie system to create this non-invasive face-lift, making this the best facial I’ve ever had. The facial process started off with cleansing, followed with a mask, a relaxing steam, and best of all, an extraction process of the pores which I always look forward to because it leaves my skin clean and fresh. I wasn’t sure what the collagen machine would feel like, but it was a pleasant and gentle suction of the skin that was truly relaxing and amazing for my skin, leaving it plump and luscious. My skin also felt super supple and firm, my nasolabial folds were significantly reduced and my lips felt more plump too. Definitely and absolutely worth trying out! 


Once our faces were squeaky clean and we were left feeling 10 years younger - thank you so much Sante Spa - we had to rush away to get our fashion on before dinner and the Opera. 

No matter if it comes to beauty or fashion, we practice what we preach, so as we suggested in our lead-up article (The Essential Guide: How to Pack for a Girls Weekend), we rocked some of the key pieces that we recommended, including leather, leopard, a funky hat, a neutral toned and versatile winter coat, and of course, a lot of black. 

Fashion - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Fashion - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Our outfits were perfect not only for the wintery conditions outside, but ready to enjoy both a delightful dinner at Vin Room, as well as a night of stage magic at Calgary Opera. 

Dinner and more than a movie 

Vin Room - West (8561 8A Ave SW)

Vin Room - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Vin Room had us at the wine. And the lobster nachos. And the prawns. And maybe a few others. 

Vin Room - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Italian Girl in Algiers - Calgary Opera 

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

The Italian Girl in Algiers - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Anything that happens on a stage - whether it’s dance, theatre or music - is absolutely fascinating to us. It takes courage and immense talent to be a performance artist, and this is especially true with the unique and distinct art of opera. 

Calgary Opera chose to open their season with Rossini’s Italian Girl in Algiers, which gave them the opportunity to feature Santa Fe Opera’s critically acclaimed set and costumes - which to Beauty by the B, was one of the most appealing and stunning aspects of the production. 

AldonaB & KateB: Aside from the stunning costumes and set design, we really enjoyed the comedic aspect of this production, and as the silliness unfolded on-stage, we couldn’t help but dream that our lives were an opera too.  No matter what the story line, or how silly a character is, it’s so much more romantic when it’s sang so beautifully and theatrically. Right?

Opera is such a unique and lovely art form, we truly believe that it’s something that everyone from all walks of life needs to experience at least once in their lifetime, and there’s no better city than Calgary to make that happen. Also, as if the show on stage weren’t enough, there was more to look at during intermission with a fashion hat art exhibit courtesy of ACAD.

ACAD Fashion Hat Exhibit - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

ACAD Fashion Hat Exhibit - Ladies' Night Out: A Weekend Getaway in Calgary

Top photo by Andy Nicols (
All other photos by Aldona B Photography (

Beauty by the BAldonaB & KateB are sisters who are obsessed and in love with all things beauty, from makeup and hair, to clothes and personal style, they believe in having fun with their looks and being able to express who they are through fashion and beauty. From makeup school to street style hunting, the ladies have a range of experience that they have brought together to form Beauty by the B.

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