Whether you’re coming from a hockey game at The Saddledome or just getting out of a theatre production at Arts Commons, sometimes you need another bite to eat before bed. While most restaurants will typically stop serving around 10 p.m., here are 9 places that keep their kitchens open later (and even later on the weekends) to accommodate that hunger of yours!

Sit down spots:


Pretty lively most nights of the week, this tequila bar is known mostly for its well-made cocktails. That being said, the Mexican offerings like Anejo’s tableside guacamole or the flaming cheese (fundido) served with warm tortillas are always great to chow down on whether you have a drink in-hand or not. (anejo.ca)


The name may not imply it, but Revolution is all about the pizza. It doesn’t matter what kind of pie you opt for (the ‘Wilbur’ with bacon, salami and sausage is always a winner), you need to make sure to at least try a couple of the appys like their sticky curry wings or the pizza spring rolls because, really, no one counts calories after 9 p.m. (beerrevolution.ca)


There’s nothing wrong with a little charcuterie before bed, is there? This popular restaurant attached to the Le Germain hotel right downtown on Centre Street will serve you until 1 a.m. As far as upscale restaurants go, this is probably the most proper sit-down place in the city where you can eat the latest. (charcut.com)


As far as pubs go, Oak Tree in the Kensington area dishes out some of the best casual fare around. They’ve obviously got the standards like nachos and poutine, but the warm, cheesy brussels sprouts dip or the sloppy joe sandwich are as equally satisfying and way more interesting to the taste buds. (oaktreetavern.com)


This long standing eatery in Calgary’s Chinatown has everything you could wish for in a late night meal. Dumplings, green onion pancakes, you name it, you can order plates and plates of it here at prices that certainly won’t break the bank. Silver Dragon is an especially good place to go if you’re traipsing around the city with a group. 


Grab and go spots:


There is nothing quite like biting into a big slice of pizza while walking around the beltline area late at night. The pizza toppings here are nothing out of the ordinary (ham and pineapple, pepperoni, etc…), but the charm of Awesome Kitchen lies in the slightly crazy crowd that’s packed inside of the small spot all anxiously waiting for their turn to order. Add a little hot sauce on top of your slice, some old school powdered parmesan and you’re good to go. (205 12 Ave SW, no website)


Shawarma places are a dime a dozen in most Canadian cities, so it’s always nice to find one that stands out from the pack. The wraps here are filled to the brim with the meat of your choosing (chicken, beef or lamb) and the platters are even more filling with rice, salad, potatoes, hummus and pita. If you’ve got a gigantic late night appetite, this should be your stop. 


Definitely an institution of this city. This burger and shakes drive-thru has been open for over 50 years. The no-frills burgers (with an appropriate amount of fixings, of course) as well as a long line-up of milkshake flavours (I’d go with root beer, personally) are the perfect thing to eat later on in the evening, before you turn into a pumpkin at midnight. (petersdrivein.com)


Any self-respecting hipster will tell you that when they have the munchies and it’s well past regular dining hours, that the hot dog masters at Tubby Dog will never let you down. There are more ‘shock value’ dogs slathered in peanut butter and jelly and topped with breakfast cereal (really), but look past that ridiculousness and order the gigantic onion rings and their namesake hot dog topped with chili, bacon, cheese, onions and mustard. A messy meal is always a fun one, just don’t wear white. (tubbydog.com)




Dan Clapson from Dan's Good Side Dan Clapson is a food writer and columnist based out of Calgary,      Alberta. His published works include restaurant features and chef    profiles as well as articles about creating recipes and hands-on    culinary experiences. In addition to writing for Food Network Canada  and for Avenue and WestJet’s up! magazine, Dan spends time with  some of western Canada’s top chefs in professional kitchens to better  appreciate the craft of cooking. In fall 2013, he co-founded Eat North,  a food-focused media outlet specializing in Canadian cuisine.

Dan has appeared on the Food Network Canada shows Eat St. and You Gotta Eat Here and contributes to FNC online in his popular blog series, Top Chef Canada: Taking The Challenge Home. He believes culinary culture can be truly appreciated by approaching food from every angle, and his own appreciation of this is reflected in his writing and on his popular blog, Dan's Good Side.

When he’s not writing or eating, which is rare, Dan can be found teaching university students how to cook through his free cooking program Start From Scratch. He believes that the food he eats is only as good as the company that surrounds him, which is why he is lucky to have some the best friends in the whole, wide world. If you want to know what Dan’s up to, right this very moment, check him out on Twitter.

To view Dan Clapson's blog, Dan's Good Side, click here.




Written by Dan Clapson

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