Okay – so every sports festival says they are something unique and you just think “Yeah, sure” right?

Well, the Slam Festival might be the first action sports event that can make the claim to being different.

Slam brings together river surfers to celebrate the sport, connect with other surfers, and show off their talents in and around Calgary – one of the hottest emerging river surfing destinations on the planet.

Slam is a great introduction to the river surfing scene and a chance to meet with the pros and see them compete for glory. Get up close and personal with the waves and the river surfing pros for at truly unique extreme sports experience.

Here’s 5 reasons to check out the Slam Festival.

1.River Surfing North American Championships in the Kananaskis Mountains

See the best river surfers in North America compete for glory in person as they show off their skills at Slam the Kan. Admission is free and you can even camp with the river surfing community before and after the competition. The Mountain Wave in Kananaskis is one of the finest in the world and a must-do experience for any mountain culture or action sports fan.

Slam the Kan takes place at the Mountain Wave in Kananaskis, near the Barrier Lake Visitor Information Centre, approximately 45 minutes from Calgary.

2.Wave Wednesday Surfing in Downtown Calgary

While seeing surfers shred the wave in the mountains of Kananaskis is pretty cool, how about seeing an entire community conquer a wave in the middle of a major city? Head on down to the 10th Street Bridge between Downtown Calgary and Kensington on Wednesday, for Wave Wednesday and see an army of surfers ride the Bow River waves with the big city as a backdrop. You can even experience river surfing first hand with a 45 minute coaching/information session under the 10th Street Bridge with the big city as a backdrop. River surfers love sharing their love of mountain surfing culture so this is the perfect place to get an introduction to the river surfing scene.

3. Party With Mountain Surfers

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The surf community loves to meet new people and no festival gets you access to championship athletes like Slam. From afternoon drinks at the Big Rock Chill at the National on 8th, to watching Chixdiggit perform at The Big Slam, you’ll have plenty of time to cheers your new favourite athletes. But, if you want to hear more about the sport itself, check out Slam Stories to hear river surfers’ most epic tales, all while enjoying a mountain campfire.

4. Catch The Best Skaters In The West

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Surfing isn’t the only board sport celebrated at Slam! Check out the Bowl Jam at the Huntington Hills Skate Park where top bowl riders will show their skills in a winner-take-all battle for $1,000. If you think you have the chops, you can even enter yourself!

5. An Art Show Dedicated to Surf Culture

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Art and surf culture go hand-in-hand. Check out Art Night at Calgary’s largest indoor skating facility, The Compound, for a great mix of live art, gallery pieces, local vendors, and live entertainment.

The Slam Festival takes over Calgary July 15-22, 2017. Book your ultimate board sports getaway to Calgary now with Air Canada - Tourism Calgary's official partner airline, flying from over 35 destinations directly into YYC Calgary International Airport.

Find out more about River Surfing in Calgary and Kananaskis.

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