Feel Thunder On a Sunny Day – GMC Chuckwagon Races

Feel the ground shake. Literally. Below your feet. Like an earth quake, but without any tectonic shifting. Stand by the finish line and watch as the chuckwagons rush past with the outriders in hot pursuit. We hope you remembered your antiperspirant. 

Triple B’s 777 pound $5,000 hamburger

BBQ, Bulls and Beer, the newest addition to the 2014 Stampede, promises to keep visitors holding on to their hats as they ride mechanical bulls, sip cold beers and enjoy the world’s biggest outdoor barbeque on Calgary’s largest outdoor patio.

Cowboy-Up Challenge

Scoot to the very edge of your seat as you watch horse and rider maneuver, rapid-fire through a series of obstacles demonstrating both their badass horsemanship skills and incredible speed. They are doing crazy things, crazy fast. 

Update Your Facebook Profile Pic with Stampede Royalty 

Stand next to Royalty. Smile big. And make sure you have your iPhone ready. This snap will probably be your 2014 Facebook Timeline highlight. Bonus points if you get the Stampede Queen, Princess, and Indian Princess all in one shot. 

The Richest Ride in Rodeo 

Feel your heart to drop out of the bottom of your boots as you watch a human being willing straddle 2,000 – 3,000 pounds of writhing animal. Oh, and then stick around to see such acts of bravery awarded with over $2,000,000 in prize money, including a $100,000 giveaway on Showdown Sunday. Watch as the men and women of rodeo ride their way to riches. 

Midway Food – Not for the Faint of Heart  

Open wide. Really wide. So you can stuff your face with red velvet mini-doughnuts. Turkey legs. Deep fried everything. Oreos, Mars Bars, butter, pickles, Cheetos. You name it. They fry it. Pizza deep fried. Pizza on a stick. Pizza with scorpions. A 777 lb burger. Pack your stretch pants, take 3-4 deep breathes, and dive into culinary adventure. 

Bird’s Eye View of the Calgary Stampede

Hop on the Westjet Skyride. Look down to see 100,000 people below your feet. A scan from left to right will give you a bird’s eye view of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. As an added bonus, you can also look take in Calgary’s downtown skyline.

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