Industry, we need your hero stories!

Dear Partners,
Starting immediately we are featuring Tourism Hero Stories ... these are those great moments in our industry, either in hotels, restaurants, attractions etc, showcasing the generosity of Calgarians recovering from this recent natural disaster.  
For example:
Hotel: The Carriage House donating a room for a displaced Calgary family.
Food Trucks, serving food to volunteers throughout the recovery efforts.
Attractions: the Calgary Zoo, largest animal recovery effort in North America; Stampede, a rallying cry for the community to rebuild fast/quickly. etc....
Please send us your stories ASAP to Katie - - we will feature the stories daily on Tourism Calgary's FACEBOOK page and it will be tweeted as well for all of you to retweet!
Please help us to shape the conversation in our community, regionally and nationally by profiling Calgary's true western hospitality in order to drive summer visitation to Calgary.
Thank you.