Call for Submissions: Images & Videos

Tourism Calgary is building a collection of images and assets to help us market the city.   

As a part of this effort, we're reaching out to the regional photographers and videographers who may already have stellar imagery and footage that celebrates the city and experiences that visitors can enjoy. 

Successful applicants will be engaged in a standard royalty-free licensing agreement and fee structure, to permit Tourism Calgary to use these assets in our ongoing marketing efforts. 

Selected images and videos would be used in Tourism Calgary’s marketing efforts including possible usage in, traditional advertising, media outreach efforts, social media, promotional videos. 

Please note that we are looking to license your existing photos or video, and are not requesting custom shoots at this time. 

We’re looking for:

  • High quality images that focus on experiences in Calgary (criteria outlined in the details document)
  • Compelling HD motion imagery that captures the vitality of our region


Interested?  The Next Steps:

1) Download and review the criteria and terms & rates 

2) Submit samples of the images or videos for our consideration by May 27th 

Tourism Calgary will contact those with suitable images or videos to discuss licensing.


Image & Video Selection Criteria

Interested in licensing your work to Tourism Calgary?  Here’s what we’re looking for:

Images and videos should illustrate Calgary’s unique qualities and showcase visitors directly interacting with them.  We want to move away from wide landscapes and settings that are devoid of people and energy.

The checklist: 

  • Be taken in Calgary
  • Focus on personal experiences with the visitor as an “active hero” and engaged in an activity 
  • Authentic and genuine moments – naturalism and sincerity are key – not staged
  • People as the focus of the shot wherever possible
  • Share a sense of energy, fun and belonging
  • Warm and inviting scenes, where the physical space and activity are merged 
  • Icons and identifiable landscapes to focus on uniquely Calgary elements wherever possible
  • Current and fresh (e.g. not dated)
  • Compelling enough to make you want to try it yourself 


Submit Images & Video for Review - by May 27th 

We request submissions to be sent for review by May 27th in one of two ways: 

1) Upload through Tourism Calgary's You Send It 

  • Upload low-res versions of your selected photos and videos 
  • Ensure that you include your name, contact info and submission details in the message field 
  • Click the Browse button, and specify the location of the file
  • Select Add another file for each additional file (up to five files maximum)
  • Click SEND IT.


2) Send a Link

If you have compiled your photos/videos into an online portfolio for review, or have your videos upload to YouTube or another provider, please email the links to