Co-op Marketing

2014 Co-op Marketing Program 

Tourism Calgary is inviting you to get involved in our 2014 regional marketing campaign designed to drive awareness for Calgary and increase tourism revenue. Together we will have a greater impact in our regional markets.

The 2014 marketing campaign is built on successes and research gained from the past three years of regional marketing activities in target cities Edmonton, Regina, and Saskatoon to bring more people to Calgary for memorable experiences. Media advertising buys include daily newspapers, urban weeklies, magazines, online social ads, and google display ads. New for this year, we are excited to announce the inclusion of radio, Trip Advisor, and online tv ads as well.

Four great reasons to get involved: 

  • Targeting a prime market - regional visitor spending is high
  • Unification – one campaign, one voice, selling one destination 
  • Leverage funds in this joint advertising opportunity 
  • Negotiated media buy savings 

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See the full program strategy here.

And the partner buy in opportunities here.

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Co-Op Marketing Partner Buy-In Program

2014 Co-op Marketing Partner Buy-In Program

2014 Marketing Communications Plan

2014 Marketing Communications Plan