Calgary 2012:
Capture Culture

Capture the creative side of the official 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada by sharing photos of Calgary arts, festivals and culture. 

About Capture Calgary


We want to experience those wonderful moments you’ve snapped of our great city.

Whether you’re a Calgarian or a visitor, Capture Calgary is a great place to share your photos of the city. We’re looking for photos of you enjoying those amazing moments and unique experiences that make Calgary such an exciting place to live and visit.

For 2012, Calgary has been named Cultural Capital of Canada, so this year we’d love to see your images of cultural events in the city. Whether it’s a dance recital at your community hall or a night at the Opera, capture the moment and share.

You can post images directly through the site or using Instagram by attaching the hashtag #sceneyyc.

Don’t forget to keep checking out the site for great new Calgary moments, and share your own photos. It’s easy to capture and share.

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